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IBM FlashSystem 9500 Implementation


DURÉE: 8 Hours

PRIX H.T.: €290,00


The foundations of IBM FlashSystem 9500 are covered in this course. It introduces students to IBM FlashSystems, how to configure it, and navigate its user interface.The course delves deeper into IBM FlashCore technology, the ultra-low latency of Storage Class Memory (SCM), the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and AI predictive storage management to provide intensive, data driven multi-cloud storage for the most critical demands.There are pre-recorded lab demos to show IBM Spectrum Virtualize in action.


  • Recall the history and fundamentals of IBM FlashSystem storage
  • Summarize the concept IBM Spectrum Virtualization software features
  • Distinguish the core principles of the IBM FlashCore Technology
  • Classify the characteristics and components of the IBM FlashSystem 9500
  • Identify the characteristics of the traditional RAID arrays and Distributed RAID arrays as part of the FlashSystem 9500 storage solution
  • Summarize the symmetric virtualization process to scale up and scale out a FlashSystem 9500 system environment
  • Summarize the virtualization process of internal and external storage systems


Anyone interested in the product


  • Unit 1: The Evolution of FlashSystems
  • Unit 2: IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Unit 3: IBM FlashSystem 9500 Architecture Overview
  • Unit 4: IBM FlashCore Technology
  • Unit 5: IBM FlashSystem 9500 SAS-Attached Storage
  • Unit 6: Scale Up and Scale Out Solutions
  • Unit 7: RAID Protection Solutions
  • Unit 8: Lab demos:
  • Video 1: IBM FlashSystem 9500 Introduction and Product Architecture
  • Video 2: IBM FlashSystem User Management with the GUI and CLI
  • Video 3: IBM FlashSystem Pools, Data Reduction and CLI Commands for Pools
  • Video 4: Attach a Windows host to an IBM FlashSystem
  • Video 5: Attach a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host to an IBM FlashSystem
  • Video 6: IBM FlashSystem Thin Provisioning and Volume Mirroring

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14 juil. 2024


Web based Training

€ 290,00

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