Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Certified Architect - Central Endpoint and Server v2.0


DURÉE: 3 Jours

PRIX H.T.: €1 800,00


Due to Covid-19 exposure risks, this course will be delivered as a virtual classroom delivery. This will allow students to participate and become certified, while eliminating possible exposure.

This virtual course is designed for experienced technical professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring and supporting deployments in production environments.

The course is expected to take 3 days (24 hours) to complete, of which approximately 9 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.
On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:
- Design and installation considering all variables
- Undertake a multi-site installation appropriate for a customer environment
- Explain the function of core components, how they work, and how to configure them
- Track the source of infections and cleanup infected devices
- Perform preliminary troubleshooting and basic support of customer environments


Prior to taking this course you must:
- Have completed and passed the Sophos Central v2.0 Certified Engineer course (ET15)
- Have completed and passed the Sophos Central Overview course

We also recommend that you have the following knowledge and experience:
- Experience with Windows networking and the ability to troubleshoot issues
- Experience managing Active Directory
- Experience in troubleshooting basic errors

If you are uncertain whether you meet the necessary prerequisites to take this course, please email us at and we will be happy to help.
Please ensure that you bring your laptop with you to the class.

Test et Certification

To complete the course, trainees must take and pass an online assessment. The assessment tests their knowledge of both the presented and practical content. The pass mark for the assessment is 80%, and is limited to 3 attempts.

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