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Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Administering


LENGTH: 4 Jours

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This course provides instruction and hands-on practice in administration and customization options of the distributed systems Control-M solution. Control-M is a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch-scheduling environment. It allows users to manage job processing across all distributed systems platforms supported by instances of Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent.


»Understand the architecture and the purpose of each component involved in it
»Explain the job processing lifecycle
»Navigate through the different domains in Control-M GUI
»Work with new or existing Workspaces
»Create jobs in a Workspace
»Specify job and folder properties
»Perform save, check-in, and order operations
»Manage conditions
»Use the ctmcontb Utility to maintain the Prerequisite Conditions table for Control-M/Server
»Manage, troubleshoot, and configure New Day process
»Learn how to adjust for Daylight Saving Time
»Configure options related to alerts, usage alerts, email, and STMP
»Configure Control-M/EM System Parameters
»Manage and monitor Control-M components
»Implement security options by defining users and roles, and by selecting configuration options
»Implement agentless platforms for job execution
»Manage host groups
»Access job history and review job versions
»Understand version management
»Implement Control-M high availability functionality
»Implement agent and client deployment
»Understand the upgrade process for Control-M/EM, Control-M/ Server, Control-M/Agents, and Control-M Client




Control-M 20.x: Fundamentals Scheduling


Module 1: Architecture and Components
» Introduction to Control-M
» Control-M/EM Components

Module 2: Job Life Cycle and New Day
» Creating Jobs and Basic Jobs Processing
» Monitoring Jobs
» Managing Conditions
» New Day Process

Module 3: Configuring Control-M/Server
» Control-M/Server System Parameters
» Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Configuration
» Notify (shout) Destination and SMTP Configuration
» Log Retentions Configuration

Module 4: Configuring Control-M/Enterprise Manager
» Configuring Control-M/EM System Parameters
» Control-M Add-ons and System Parameters
» Configuring Exception and Usage Alerts

Module 5: Starting, Stopping, and Checking Status
» Starting and Stopping Control-M Components
» Managing Control-M Components
» Monitoring Control-M Components

Module 6: Enterprise Manager Security and Auditing
» Control-M/EM Auditing and Annotation Introduction
» Control-M/EM Security
» LDAP and Active Directory Support
» Control-M/EM Administrator Passwords

Module 7: Control-M/Agent Security
» Control-M/Agent Security

Module 8: Remote Hosts and Application Plug-Ins

» Agentless Job Execution Setup
» Using Application Plug-ins

Module 9: System Resource Management
» Host Management and Host Groups

Module 10: Database Backup and Management
» Job Definitions Version Management
» Database Maintenance and Database Utilities
» Database Backup Utilities

Module 11: High Availability
» Control-M High Availability
» Control-M/Server High Availability with a Dedicated BMC PostgreSQL

Module 12: Upgrading and Troubleshooting Control-M
» Upgrading Control-M/EM and Control-M/Servers
» Upgrading Control-M/Agents
» Deploying Control-M Client
» Troubleshooting Control-M
» Additional Resources

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29 nov. 2021




Instructor Led Online

€2 780,00