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Installation of IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V4.x)


DURÉE: 6 Hours (0,75 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €720,00


This course provides guidelines to prepare your environment for IBM Cloud Pak for Data and to successfully deploy the software. From the attached demonstrations you will learn step by step how to perform each task. You will verify the acquired knowledge by completing the designated hands-on exercises.


  • Introduction to installation of IBM Cloud Pak for Data
  • Preparing the environment for installation�
  • Installing Cloud Pak for Data�
  • Installing Watson Studio�
  • Uninstalling Cloud Pak for Data�
  • Review & Evaluation


Professional administrators of IBM Cloud Pak for Data


  • You must own an entitlement API key that has been associated with your IBM account after you have purchased the Cloud Pak for Data software.�
  • In order to be successful in this course, you should have basic knowledge of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and the architecture of Cloud Pak for Data.�
  • Before you attend this course it is highly recommended to complete the learning path for associate administrators of Cloud Pak for Data.��



  • Introduction to the learning prerequisites and objectives
  • Introduction to the course instructor �
  • Course guidelines �
  • Introduction to the business scenario �
  • Introduction to the classroom environment

Prepare the environment for installation�

  • Create projects to deploy Cloud Pak for Data�
  • Obtain the IBM entitlement API key�
  • Configure the cluster to pull Cloud Pak for Data images �
  • Create operators and operator subscriptions �
  • Adjust the nodes settings before the Cloud Pak for Data installation �
  • Install the Cloud Pak foundational services

Install Cloud Pak for Data�

  • Check the requirements for the installation �
  • Perform the installation procedure �
  • Verify if the installation completed successfully

Install Watson Studio�

  • Install the service and verify the installation

Uninstall Cloud Pak for Data�

  • Uninstall dependent services
  • Uninstall the common core services �
  • Uninstall Cloud Pak for Data ��
  • Uninstall the Cloud Pak for Data operators

Review & Evaluation

  • Summarize the course �
  • Gather the top takeaways from the course �
  • Verify the acquired knowledge

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