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Sophos Central Architect


DURÉE: 24 Hours (3 Jours)

PRIX H.T.: €1 800,00


This course provides an in-depth study of Sophos Central, designed for experienced technical professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring, and supporting deployments in production environments.

To complete this course, trainees must take and pass an online assessment. Trainees will have 3 hours to complete the assessment; the pass mark is 80% and trainees will have 3 attempts to pass.


On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Plan and deploy complex installations of Sophos Central
  • Explain the core configuration concepts of Sophos Central and demonstrate how to configure and implement them
  • Perform manual clean up of threats when required
  • Proactively investigate suspicious activities and hunt threats
  • Perform preliminary troubleshooting and basic support steps


Experienced technical professionals


Prior to taking this training, trainees should:

  • Have completed and passed the Sophos Central Endpoint and Server Protection – Certified Engineer course
  • Have completed any subsequent delta courses up to version 3.0

We recommend that trainees have the following knowledge and experience:

  • Windows networking and the ability to troubleshoot issues
  • A good understanding of IT security
  • Linux command line for common tasks
  • Configuring Active Directory group policies
  • If you are uncertain whether you meet the necessary prerequisites, please email us at and we will be happy to help


  1. Sophos Central Overview
  2. Getting started with SURF

    Lab Tasks

    Register and activate Sophos Centra

  3. Sophos Central User Management
  4. Sophos Central role-based user access

    Advanced directory synchronization in Sophos Central

    Configuring federated authentication in Sophos Central

    Lab Tasks

    Install and configure Windows AD sync utility

    Configure role-based access

    Deployment preparation tasks :

    Deploy Sophos protection to a Windows server

    Deploy an Update Cache and a Message Relay

  5. Sophos Central Agent Deployment
  6. Sophos Central Agent deployment strategy

    Automating Sophos Central Agent deployment on Windows

    Automating Sophos Central Agent deployment on macOS

    Automating Sophos Central Agent deployment on Linux

    Migrating from SEC to Sophos Central

    Lab Tasks

    Install Sophos server protection for Linux

    Use AD group policy to deploy Sophos protection to multiple devices

    Enable server lockdown (preparation for a later lab task)

  7. Sophos Central Updating and Communication
  8. Advanced Sophos Central updating

    Controlling Sophos Central updates

    Considerations for using Sophos Central Update Caches and Message Relays

    Advanced Sophos Central Update Cache and Message Relay deployment

    Lab Tasks

    Enable manually controlled updates

    Create server groups

    Manage tamper protection

  9. Sophos Central Virtual Protection
  10. Protecting Azure hosted virtual servers with Sophos Central

    Protecting AWS hosted virtual servers with Sophos Central

    Simulation tasks

    Configure automated deployment on Azure hosted virtual servers

    Configure automated deployment on AWS hosted virtual servers

  11. Sophos Central Policies
  12. Advanced Sophos Central control policies

    Advanced Sophos Central data loss prevention

    Advanced Sophos Central policies and exclusions

    Getting started with Sophos Central partner global policies

    Advanced Sophos Central server lockdown

    Lab Tasks

    Prepare for a later lab task

    Configure and test threat protection policies

    Configure and test web control

    Configure and test application control

    Configure and test data control using CCLs

    Configure and text exclusions

    Manage server lockdown

    Test Linux server protection

  13. Sophos Central Remediation and Reports
  14. Getting started with SIEM integration with Sophos Central

    Advanced Sophos Central threat remediation

    Getting started with Sophos Central forensic snapshots

    Lab Tasks

    Configure SIEM with Splunk

    Release a file from SafeStore

    Remediate a Linux server

    Create a forensic snapshot and interrogate the database

  15. Sophos Central XDR
  16. Sophos XDR Data Lake APIs

    Sophos Central XDR Live Discover query pivoting

    Writing queries for Sophos Central XDR Live Discover

    Writing scenarios for Sophos Central XDR Live Discover queries

    Using Sophos Central XDR for IT operations

    Using Sophos Central XDR for threat hunting

    Lab Tasks

    Use Live Discover to locate unauthorized programs

    Investigate a detection using Sophos Central XDR

  17. Course Review

How to find help from Sophos

Course review

Informations supplémentaires

If you require any further information on this course, please contact Sophos at

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