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IBM Cognos TM1: Interact with Data (V10.2)

CODE: P8253G

LENGTH: 8 Hours

PRICE: Ft190 000,00


IBM Cognos TM1: Interact with Data (V10.2) is designed to show Contributors how to navigate and interact with TM1, and how to use the front end tools and Microsoft spreadsheets with Multidimensional cubes. You will learn how to connect and access TM1, build views, browse data and navigate through the user interface.

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Please refer to Course Overview for description information.


This basic course is for contributors.


You should have:

  • Experience using the Windows operating system and a Web browser
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel
  • Knowledge of your business requirements


Getting Started Using TM1

  • Review performance management
  • Understand how TM1 enables performance management
  • Identify the TM1 user community
  • Describe the components and objects of TM1

Explore and Customize Multidimensional Data

  • Examine the structure of a cube
  • Examine Cube Viewer to understand how to browse data in a cube
  • Create subsets to focus data in a cube

Work with Data in IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives

  • Analyze cube data with Excel using snapshot and slice methods
  • Examine the process from the cube viewer, to Excel, and then to the web
  • Contribute data to a cube using spread methods
  • Sandboxes
  • Filter data in a cube
  • Create dynamic reports using Active Forms

Organize Reports

  • Use TM1 application folders to organize reports
  • Publish Excel reports to the Web
  • Access Websheets

Work with Data in IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel

  • Connect to TM1 from within Microsoft Excel
  • Explore and analyze a TM1 cube
  • Build complex reports showing multiple cubes and views
  • Change data and commit it back to TM1

Explore Data with TM1 Web

  • Explore TM1 Web
  • Work with TM1 websheets
  • Use TM1 Web Cube Browser

Work with Planning Applications

  • Explore the TM1 Applications environment
  • Navigate the data in the grid
  • Enter data into the grid
  • Submit and Review data

Work with Planning Applications in IBM Cognos Insight

  • Open an application in IBM Cognos Insight
  • Work offline and commit changed data when online
  • Import data into a node

Session Dates
Time Zone

15 júl. 2024


Web based Training