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Control-M 21.x: Fundamentals Operating


DURÉE: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRIX H.T.: €815,00


Control-M makes it easy to define, schedule, manage, and monitor application workflows,
ensuring visibility and reliability, and improving SLAs. Control-M Users can monitor and manage
multiple application workflows from a single point of control with full access to logs and output.
This instructor-led training helps participants to understand how to monitor job workflows and
identify potential issues in the workflows in Control-M GUI and Control-M Web interfaces. The
topics covered are identifying job definitions and dependencies, using Viewpoints to monitor
active jobs and perform necessary job actions, monitoring Services and Alerts, and creating
reports in Control-M


» List the basic Control-M operations
» Understand the different Control-M Roles and their responsibilities in the Control-M
» Perform the following tasks in the Control-M GUI and Control-M Web interfaces:
o Navigate through the Monitoring domain
o Monitor and manage job processing definitions
o Use the Properties pane to access job details
o Monitor Viewpoints and Services
o Use the Find (Control-M GUI) and Job Search (Control-M Web) functions to search for
o Use Neighborhood functionality to search for jobs in the neighborhood
o Use the Alerts Monitor (Control-M GUI) and Alerts panel (Control-M Web) to monitor
and manage alerts
o View Archived Viewpoint (Control-M GUI) and History of Viewpoint (Control-M Web)
o Create a Report using the Reports tool


» Operators
» Schedulers
» Administrators
» Consultants


 Control-M 21.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)


Module 1: Control-M Overview
» Introduction to Control-M Operations
» Control-M Interfaces
» Control-M GUI: Domains
» Control-M Web: Domains
» Control-M Concepts
Module 2: Monitoring Control-M Jobs
» Introduction to Monitoring Interfaces
» Control-M GUI: Monitoring
» Control-M Web: Monitoring
Module 3: Identifying Job Details and
» Finding Job and Job Dependencies Using
Control-M GUI
» Finding Job and Job Dependencies Using
Control-M Web
» Accessing Job Details in Control-M GUI
» Accessing Job Details in Control-M Web
Module 4: Managing Control-M Jobs
» Perform Job Actions in Control-M
Module 5: Archived Viewpoint
» Opening an Archived Viewpoint Using
Control-M GUI
» Opening Viewpoint History Using
Control-M Web
Module 6: Service Management
» Service Management - Control-M GUI
» Service Management - Control-M Web
Module 7: Alerts
» Alerts in Control-M GUI
» Alerts in Control-M Web
Module 8: Reports
» Introduction to Control-M Reports
» Creating a Report from a Template

Test et Certification

» This course is part of the Certified Associate Certification Path for Control-M for Operators, Schedulers, Administrators, and Consultants.

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