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DevSecOps Foundation (DSOF)? elearning


DURÉE: 16 Hours

PRIX H.T.: €400,00


Prevent data breaches and grow your teams’ knowledge on data privacy regulations. DevSecOps Foundation helps your team to prioritize security and compliance measures into everyday workflows.


Program :

Module 1: Realizing DevSecOps Outcomes

  • 'DevSecOps: What is it? Why is it taking over security?'
  • M1: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
  • M1: Quick Check
  • Module 2: Defining the Cyberthreat Landscape

    • The Industrial Cyberthreat Landscape: 2019 Year in Review
    • M2: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
    • M2: Quick Check

      Module 3: Building a Responsive DevSecOps Model 

      • What is DevSecOps?
      • M3: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M3: Quick Check

      Module 4: Integrating DevSecOps Stakeholders

      • Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model
      • M4: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M4: Quick Check


      Module 5: Establishing DevSecOps Practices

      • The Rise of DevSecOps
      • M5: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M5: Quick Check


      Module 6: Best Practices to Get Started

      • Building Security into an Agile Cloud Transformation Project
      • M6: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M6: Quick Check


      Module 7: DevOps Pipelines and Continuous Compliance

      • Overview of DevSecOps
      • M7: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M7: Quick Check


      Module 8: Learning Using Outcomes

      • Failure and the Third Way
      • M8: Flashcard Review of Key Terms
      • M8: Quick Check

      Test et Certification


      Informations supplémentaires

       DSOP Exam Preparation

      • DevSecOps Foundation Exam Requirements
      • DevSecOps Foundation Sample Exam with Answer Key
      • Certification voucher = 245 € (not included in the elearning price)

      Dates de session
      Time Zone
      PRIX H.T.

      19 juil. 2024


      Self Paced Training

      € 400,00

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