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On January 31, 2021, Check Point introduced a new certification model. For the certification “Check Point Certified Security Master” (CCSM) there will be no course or exam anymore. With an active CCSE certification as well as two more Infinity Specializations, the CCSM will be automatically awarded. There is a new top certification "Check Point Certified Security Master Elite" (CCSM Elite), which will also be automatically awarded with an active CCSE and four Infinity Specializations.



CCSA - Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80

CCSA is the first level of certification and proves that you have necessary competencies to install Check Point’s core product, FireWall-1, and protect your organizational network. In addition, you are qualified to define and implement security policies and secure safe access to company data.

Course code Course name Duration
CKT_CCSA_R80.X Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80.X
Exam 156-215.80*
3 Days
CCSE - Check Point Certified Security Expert R80

CCSE has become almost an industry standard for internet security. Being CCSE-certified demonstrates you own the expertise and proficiency in managing and supporting VPN-1/FireWall-1 in the enterprise. Users can access the network via VPN and Internet, and exchange data, either from remote or various internal sites. Furthermore, you understand encryption techniques and implement anti-virus and content security policies within the enterprise.

Course code Course name Duration
CKT_CCSE_R80.X Check Point Certified Security Expert R80.X
Exam 156-315.80*
3 Days
Check Point 5 day Fast Track course
Course code Course name Duration
CKT_CPSA_R80.X Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) and Expert (CCSE) R80.X Fast Track R80.X
CCSA - Exam 156-215.80*
CCSE - Exam 156-315.80*
5 Days
Infinity Specializations - The path to CCSM and CCSM Elite

Check Point Infinity is the only fully consolidated cyber security architecture that protects your business and IT infrastructure from Generation V mega cyber attacks on all networks, endpoints, clouds and mobile devices. We offer all eight specialist courses, preparing to lead to the CCSM and CCSM Elite master’s certifications.

Course code Course name Duration
CKT_CCES_R81.X - ON DEMAND Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (CCES) R81.X
Exam 156-530*
2 Days
CKT_CCTA Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator R80.X
Exam 156-580*
2 Days
CKT_CCAS_R80.X Check Point Automation Specialist R80.X (CCAS) R80.X
Exam 156-520*
2 Days
CKT_CCCS_R81.X - ON DEMAND Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist (CCCS) R81.X
Exam 156-560*
2 Days
CKT_CCVS_R80.X Check Point Certified VSX Specialist (CCVS) R80.X
Exam 156-550*
2 Days
CKT_CCTE Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert R80.X
Exam 156-585*
2 Days
CKT_CCMS_R80.X Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist (CCMS) R80.X
Exam 156-540*
2 Days
CKT_CCME Check Point Certified Maestro Expert
Exam 156-835*
2 Days

* - exam vouchers are available separately at an additional charge


New CCSM Elite Certification Path

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