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At Arrow Education we understand that one delivery method does not fit all.
We want to adapt to you specific needs.
Find the Learning option that best suits you below.

Public scheduled training

Since each person is different, our scheduled training offering includes over 4000 courses and is able to meet everything from the most basic to the most particular of needs.

A wide selection of dates is offered for all courses, which are held both locally and, in most cases, in 20 different European countries. Scheduled courses are, of course, based on a carefully-developed, constantly-updated programmes, plus they offer the opportunity for in-depth exchange among participants hailing from diverse backgrounds and the chance to share experience and know-how.

Private training

Conducted exclusively for you and customized to accommodate each specific need, our private courses can be held at our agencies, at your facilities, or at any other suitable location (e.g. hotels, etc.).

Flexibility is the name of the game—we offer everything from the presentation of standardised content to tailor-made courses and programmes that can be modified in terms of content and duration. This option gives you both flexibility and control over the date and location. Private training allows you to benefit from both total confidentiality and the increased effectiveness that comes with services tailored to your needs.

Live Virtual Classroom Training

Learn from the convenience of your home or office and get all the benefits of a live instructor without travel. Join the class using web-based meeting software, participate in real-time 'Q & A' and access a live lab environment. Only an internet connection and a computer is required.

Our curriculums are designed to allow participants to explore a subject from a comprehensive, in-depth perspective. Participants are thus able to gain greater understanding of their workplace objectives or increased mastery of new technology.

Our courses combine theory and practice in keeping with our belief that training should always be applicable to the real world. The diversity of our course catalogue and the real-world expertise of our trainers are clear advantages when it comes to putting your strategic projects into action.

Online eLearning

Today, e-learning is adopted not only by students, but also by organizations that want to offer training for their employees.

Today's learners want relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized content!

Online Learning Accommodates Everyone`s Needs.

Web based self study courses are a flexible online learning solution that allows you to take control of your learning – when and where you want.

Profit from the same content and exercises as our official vendor classroom training:

  • Hands-on labs available as part of the course fee.
  • Courses are self paced and labs are accessible at any time, at your convenience.
  • No travel costs.

Lectures Can Be Taken Any Number Of Times.

Unlike classroom teaching, with online learning you can access the content an unlimited number of times.
This is especially required at the time of revision when preparing for an exam.

Quick Delivery Of Lessons.

Study shows the time required to learn is reduced to 25%-60% of what is required in traditional learning. Why?

  • Lessons’ quick starts and wrap up
  • Learners can define their own speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group
  • No travel to the training venue
  • Students can choose to study specific areas of the course without focusing on each area

Reduced Costs.

eLearning is cost effective as compared to traditional forms of learning due to reduced trainers, travel, course materials, and accommodation costs.


eLearning has a positive influence on an organization’s profitability. It makes it easy to grasp the content and digest it:

  • It results in improved scores on certifications, tests, or other types of evaluation
  • Higher number of students who achieve ‘pass’ or mastery’ level
  • Enhanced ability to learn and implement the new processes or knowledge at the workplace
  • Help in retaining information for a longer time
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