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TippingPoint IPS 5-day Technical Security Products with Certification


LENGTH: 5 day(s)

PRICE: €3.750,00



Tippingpoint Expert Technical Security products Training is a five-day course that teaches expert-level concepts and best practices necessary for implementation planning, installation, configuration, security management, and system administration of the Tippingpoint solution. Through interactive lectures and hands-on labs, students will learn to implement the intrusion prevention System (ipS) and the Security Management System (SMS) using the standard interface modes. Students will also acquire in-depth expert knowledge of how to tune and configure a Tippingpoint ipS for optimum performance on their network and learn advanced configuration management of multiple ipS’s using the SMS.


upon completion of this course, students will acquire knowledge of the TippingPoint solution including:
• Fundamental security concepts
• IPS setup and configuration
• SMS setup and configuration
• deployment architecture and scenarios
• Administrative best practices


Network engineers, network administrators, network technicians, security administrators, systems engineers, system administrators, and network security strategies, and planning architects.



TippingPoint Advanced Security Training or equivalent hands-on experience using the TippingPoint solution.


IPS Setup and configuration
•  TippingPoint product portfolio
•  digital Vaccine
•  Threat Management center (TMc)
•  IPS and SMS initial setup at-a-glance
•  IPS oBE
•  IPS user account management
•  Training lab overview

SMS Setup and configuration
•  SMS oBE
•  Adding IPS to SMS management
•  SMS user administration
•  SMS security preferences
•  SMS named resources
•  digital Vaccine management

DV labs
•  digital Vaccine (Base)
•  Basics of filters
•  digital Vaccine contents
•  category breakdown
•  recommended settings
•  Application digital Vaccine®
•  Web Application digital Vaccine® Service
•  digital Vaccine® Security Filter Service
•  reputation digital Vaccine® Service
•  TMc, ThreatlinQ
•  The TippingPoint Solution

Basic policy
•  Segment groups and policy
•  Segment group management
•  Filter categories
•  recommended settings
•  IPS profile management
•  Editing filters
•  Active vs distributed
•  Security overview
•  TippingPoint and Security

Device configuration
•  SMS <> IPS communication
•  layer 2 fallback
•  link down synchronization
•  Zero power high availability
•  device configuration
•  network configuration
•  VlAn translation
•  ToS update
•  IPS system snapshots
•  IPS password recovery 

Advanced policy
•  Flow-based inspection filters vs.
  other techniques
•  rPc dcoM attack example
•  TippingPoint Threat Suppression Engine
•  TippingPoint Architecture
•  TSE managed streams
•  Security profiles
•  Filter configuration best practices
•  Filter search examples
•  Shared settings: Action sets
•  Shared settings: notification contacts
•  notes on aggregation periods
•  Shared settings: services
•  Profile versioning
•  Profile distribution schedules
•  reviewing which profile is on a segment

Digital Vaccine Toolkit
•  dV Toolkit (dVT)
•  creating a new filter
•  dVT filter payload
•  dVT package management
•  dVT testing
•  dVT FTP PuT example

SMS Management
•  SMS software updates
•  SMS database administration
•  SMS database backup
•  SMS high availability
•  SMS event handling architecture
•  SMS events
•  configuring SMS syslog
•  SMS external database settings
•  SMS reports
•  SMS dashboard clI & lSM Management
•  lSM navigation overview
•  Security profiles
•  Virtual ports
•  IPS preferences
•  default IPS settings
•  lSM Filter configuration
•  category settings
•  lSM events
•  re-managing with SMS
•  Importing a profile
•  Profile compare

Non- DV Filters
•  non-DV filtering techniques (non-flow)
•  Port scan/host sweeps
•  Traffic threshold filters
•  Traffic management filters
•  IP/dnS reputation

Advanced DDoS
•  Syn flood attacks
•  connection based attacks
•  AddoS platform support
•  AddoS configuration
•  AddoS events and reports

IPS Quarantine
•  IPS quarantine concepts
•  IPS quarantine considerations
•  IPS quarantine action set
•  IPS quarantine automatic timeout
•  IPS quarantine monitoring

Advanced deployments
•  Policy by direction
•  Policy by VlAn
•  Policy by cIdr
•  Policy precedence and application

Architecture and performance optimization
•  n-Platform architecture
•  optimizing performance
•  Transparent network high availability
•  Filter flow discussion
•  deployment scenario

SMS responder
•  SMS responder external initiation
•  Manual initiation using the SMS event   viewer
•  External initiation using the SMS Web API
•  External initiation from IPS quarantine
•  SMS responder correlation and thresholding
•  Post lab timing


Certifications and Related Examinations
•  ASE - TippingPoint Security V2
•  Implementing TippingPoint Solutions

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