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Just Imagine …

VCL image... you sit at your computer, at home or at your office, and you are virtually linked to a classroom at one of Arrow’s many training centers, with full sound and video connection.  You can listen to the instructor, hear other students speak, you can ask questions, either to the whole class or through a private chat function to the instructor – and due to the sophisticated touch-screen virtual classroom technology Arrow is using, you feel much more connected with the live class; you can collaborate in group activities, with each group’s contribution being seen by everyone on the course.

For your practical exercises, you are connected to the virtual lab environment at Arrow Education or a cloud learning center using internet connection, completely independent from your local PC’s performance or any programs installed.

The network allows seamless interaction, with no perceptible delay between the classroom and the virtual student’s location, including when the instructor is using the smart board.

Arrow Virtual Classroom brings the classroom experience to you.

Choose training in the boardroom, the dining room or one of our many classrooms around the country, or even bridge the gap and learn with students in other countries.

A more efficient way to train

  • Choose to train at home, on your office, or ours
  • Save on travel and expenses
  • Reduce time out of the office and away from home

An interactive experience

  • Instructors use interactive smart boards offering real-time viewing to all students
  • High capacity network means no lag in viewing or hearing the instructor and other students
  • HD quality video and audio provides crystal clear sound without the need for a microphone
  • Students have full access to labs and participate in all practical activities
  • Chat function lets you ask questions to the whole class, or just the instructor
  • Learn with other students all around the country


Read more details on the Arrow Virtual Classroom in this brochure.


Now it is your turn to take a look at the Arrow Virtual Classroom:
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