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IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Administrators V1.0

CODE: 1W730G

LENGTH: 8 Hours

PRICE: kr3 040,00


This course provides participants with advanced administration skills for IBM Integrated Analytics System. This course is designed to give participants an overview of the IIAS system, show how to administer the system using the console and command line interface, and extend the appliance. Participants will also monitor the system and performance in addition to managing users and security.

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  • IIAS Architecture and Ecosystem
  • IIAS Console
  • Appliance Security
  • Db2 Warehouse Administration and Security (including Users and Privileges)
  • System and Workload Monitoring
  • Alert and Call Home
  • Extending the Appliance


Db2 Warehouse Database Administrators and IIAS Appliance Administrators


  • A working knowledge of UNIX or Linux
  • Experience with shell scripting
  • Experience with VI editing
  • Basic SQL
  • Db2 Warehouse Administration


Unit 1 IIAS architecture and ecosystem Hybrid Data Management Overview Common SQL Engine IIAS Hardware Architecture Overview IIAS Software Architecture Overview DSM and the IIAS ConsoleUnit 2 IIAS Administration Console Administration Overview Extending the Appliance - Connect Appliance SecurityUnit 3 Db2 Warehouse Administration and Security Db2 Warehouse Console Users and Privilege External Tables PerformanceUnit 4 Appliance Administration System Monitoring Workload Monitoring Alert and Call Home

Session Dates
Time Zone

12 jul 2024


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kr 3 040,00

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