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dashDB for Tables, Views, Advanced Queries, and Analytic Constructs

CODE: K04004G

LENGTH: 8 Hours

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This course teaches developers, database administrators, and system programmers various features of SQL, including object creation and alteration, views, advanced queries, and analytic constructs.

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Developers, Database Administrators, System Programmers


Students taking this course should have the following prerequisite skills: Ability to write basic SQL SELECT statements, including a SELECT list, FROM clause, WHERE clause, GROUP BY clause, HAVING clause, and ORDER BY clause. Ability to perform basic SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. Ability to utilize basic SQL scalar functions, such as the DECIMAL function, and SQL column functions, such as SUM. Ability to write basic non-correlated subqueries. Students may obtain these skills by taking the dashDB SQL for Basic Queries and the dashDB for Functions, Grouping, Union, Subqueries, and Updates courses, or through equivalent experience.


1. Review of SQL Selecting rows and columns LIKE and the ESCAPE clause Column functions Summarizing group values Activity SQL challenges2. OLAP functions Super groups GROUP BY ROLLUP GROUP BY CUBE Grouping function GROUP BY grouping sets OLAP functions for ranking Activity SQL challenges3. Create and modify tables Creating tables and adding columns Activity4. Constraints and indexes Check Constraints Indexes, unique, and primary keys Referential integrity Information integrity constraints Activity SQL challenges5. Triggers Triggers More on triggers Activity SQL challenges6. MERGE MERGE Activity7. Views - basics Views Activity8. Views - additional features INSTEAD OF triggers CHECK option View merge View materialization Activity SQL challenges9. Joins Join (original syntax) Inner Join (newer syntax) Outer joins LEFT OUTER JOIN RIGHT OUTER JOIN FULL OUTER JOIN Anti-join Joins of more than two tables Joins and local predicates Activity SQL Challenges10. UNION and UNION ALL UNION and UNION ALL Activity11. EXCEPT and INTERSECT EXCEPT and INTERSECT Activity SQL challenges12. CASE and CAST Case CAST Activity SQL challenges13. Summary (Materialized Query) Tables and Temporary Tables Summary tables and Materialized Query Tables (MQTS) Temporary tables Activity

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25 jun 2024


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kr 3 040,00