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IBM Cognos Command Center Automation Using Plugin Tasks (V10.2)

CODE: P8280G

LENGTH: 1,04 Hours

PRICE: kr840,00


IBM Cognos Command Center: Automation Using Plugin Tasks (V10.2) is a one hour vignette that displays many ways in which IBM Cognos Command Center (ICCC) functionality can be extended using plugins. Through demonstration you will learn how to use file utilities and ftp utilities to manipulate and extract information from files, use system utilities to monitor and manage Windows services, and interact with IBM Cognos TM1 processes, chores and other objects.

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Please refer to course overview.


This advanced-level course is for administrator and support personnel who need thorough knowledge of Cognos Command Center Plugin Tasks.


You should have:

  • Familiarity with IBM Cognos Command Center



  • Course overview
  • Intended audience
  • Course objectives
  • Pre-requisites

Installing Plugins

  • Plugin directory location
  • Steps to load plugins
  • Plugin version issues with import/export

Using File Utility Plugin Tasks

  • Directories
  • Encoding
  • Deletion
  • Move and copy
  • File Compression
  • Operations on file data

Using FTP/SFTP Plugin Tasks

  • Directories
  • Delete
  • Get and Put
  • Move

Using System Utilities Plugin Tasks

  • Check ports
  • Get process information and system status
  • Windows services

Using TM1 Plugin Tasks

  • Configuring the TM1 host computing resource
  • Run TurboIntegrator processes and chores
  • List server objects and views
  • Delete server objects and views

Using Cognos Integration Server Plugin Tasks

  • Configuring the IBM Cognos Integration Server host computing resource
  • Run selection
  • Run selection with command file

Using the Email Plugin Task

  • Configuring the email host computing resource
  • Send email

Session Dates
Time Zone

24 jul 2024


Web based Training

kr 840,00

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