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Agile Service Manager 1.1.8 Administration


LENGTH: 5,04 Hours

PRICE: kr5 620,00


This course focuses on administrative tasks associated with Agile Service Manager including its installation and configuration.  It consists of lecture recordings used during an onsite delivery of an instructor-led course by a subject matter expert.  Lab exercises use images that were used during the live course. 

Agile Service Manager is a tool that allows you to see the topology of a business service.  For instance, you can see all the bare metal hardware, network infrastructure hardware, virtual machines, containers, and virtual network components that make up an individual service.  Then you can monitor the state of that service over time and see the changes that happen to the topology on a timeline.  You can see containers launch and be destroyed and associate changes in the service topology with events in your network.  This enables you to not only diagnose failure events but potentially predict an event before an outage occurs. 

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After completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Explain the system architecture for Agile Service Manager
  • Install Agile Service Manager in an on-premises deployment
  • Install Agile Service Manager GUI components in an on-premises deployment
  • Be familiar with the steps required to do an OpenShift installation of Agile Service Manager
  • Install Observers and Gateways in an on-premises deployment
  • Configure Netcool/Omnibus with the necessary triggers and added fields to enable integration with Agile Serice Manager




Before taking this course, you should have the following skills:

  • Basic Linux administration skills
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript


  • Installing Agile Service Manager
  • Installing Observers, Gateways, and Troubleshooting

Session Dates
Time Zone

24 jul 2024


Self Paced Training

kr 5 620,00

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