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NetWorker 9.x - What's new


LENGTH: 3 day(s)

PRICE: kr28 050,00


The focus of this tailored class is to provide, the team responsible for EMC Networker administration, with an understanding about the new features, functions and important changes compared to version 8. All course material has been taken from the specialist level “Networker 9 Implementation and Management” course. This course doesn’t claim to be advanced.


Experienced Networker 8 Administrators that have taken a training course based on Networker version 8 or have a similar knowledge from working experience.   

Training Development

This course is a tailored Networker 9 differences workshop and does not cover basic architectural and conventional basics of Networker.

The student attending this class knows how Networker 8 works.


Module 1: Networker Planning and Installation

  • Focusing on the changes in packaging of the installation modules and also the new components installed – the license management server (LMS) as well as the new Authentication Service
  • Reduced support for Operating Systems in Networker 9 for the Backup Server role
  • Discussion of changes to the media and NMC database format, and, if upgrading from a previous version, the specific requirements for the NMC database part of the upgrade
  • Changes in the NMC look, especially on the NetWorker Administration GUI side.
  • The new NetWorker Virtual Edition

Module 2: Performing Backups

  • Discussing the most significant change in Networker 9 – the move away from a Group based format to a “data-centric” Policy, workflow and action methodology
  • Changes to backup levels, specifically the Cumulative Incremental and Logs Only 
  • Browse Policy is no more – now B/P=Retention Policy by default
  • “Incremental forever” is now available by default when backing up to Data Domain DDBoost devices
  • Check Connectivity action option - allows us to selectively backup only online servers
  • Differences in the backup completion reporting and where to find this
  • Block Based Backup – now the default for Windows File system, Exchange and Hyper-V backups. Available as an option for selected Linux platforms
  • Networker Snapshot Management now integrated into Policy mechanic, and also available for selected applications through NMSAP and NMDA.
  • VMWare File Level Recovery (FLR) improvements

Module 3: Cloning and Staging

  • Changes to the mechanic utilizing the nsrrecopy process used in synthetic full generation allow us to now run multiple concurrent clones of a single backup saveset.
  • Configuring clone operations using the new workflow/action model
  • Staging will be skipped as this is unchanged

Module 4: Networker Security

  • New token-based AuthC authentication model now used for user authentication
  • Mixing token based (users) and non-token based (services) User Group membership
  • Establishing trust between NMC and its native AuthC server and other remote Networker Servers in other data zones.
  • Policy logs now have their own subfolder and granularity for easier navigation
  • Firewall port requirements now increased for Server and Storage Node

Module 5: Networker Administration

  • Slight tweak in NMC reporting to cater for new Policy mechanic
  • Parallel Save Stream now supported on windows and mechanic takes advantage of a change in how we handle File system breakdown
  • Software distribution can now install NMM 

Module 6: Cluster Support and Recovering Windows Hosts

  • BMR unchanged in recovery mode but backup is more simplified now thanks to an improved VSS interface in Networker 9
  • Clustered Networker servers no longer supported in Networker 9 new installs. Storage nodes and clients remain unchanged

Module 7: Recovering a Networker Server and NMC Server

  • New Server Protection Policy radically changes the DR mechanic in Networker
  • DR restore mechanic unchanged



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