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Trend Micro Apex One SaaS Training for Certified Professionals – Update course


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: kr8 000,00


This is a one-day, instructor-led training course aimed at participants who have already previously followed a full 3 days training in the past of Apex One (On prem), and who still hold a valid Certified professional certification (valid 2 years). This one-day update training covers all differences between on-prem and SaaS, with any new features available in the SaaS version of Apex One product and in the training material. This course is based on the latest Apex One SaaS Training material
Through hands-on labs, participants practice configuring Trend Micro Apex One™ protection features along with the administration options needed for a successful deployment.
This course is taught by Trend Micro-certified trainers.


This course is designed for and only available to IT professionals who have already been certified on Apex One (on-prem) within the last 2 years


The course topics in this 1 day training are divided into the following lessons:

Trend Micro Apex One Overview
• Trend Micro solutions
• Key features of Apex One
• Apex One as a Service components
• Deployment methods
• Threat detection

Managing Apex One as a Service
• Trend Micro Apex Central™ server tasks
• Apex One server tasks
• Logging into the management consoles
• Integrating with Active Directory
• Creating new administrative accounts
• Apex Central management modes Managing Security Agents
• Installation and deployment
• Migrating from on-prem to SaaS
• Agent-to-server communication
• Security Agent tree

Deploying Policies
• Identifying policy targets
• Defining policy settings
• Policy inheritance

Keeping Security Agent Up to Date
• Updating managed products
• Updating Security Agents
• Update Agents
• Apex One Support Connector

Integrating with Vision One
• Trend Micro XDR
• Trend Micro Vision One Key Features
• Trend Micro Vision One Apps
• Comparing Trend Micro Vision One to
other solutions
• Trend Micro Managed XDR Service
• Connecting Apex One as a Service to
Trend Micro Visio One
• Installing the XDR Sensor on a Security
Agent-protected Endpoint
• Detection Models
• Workbenches
• Navigating within a Workbench

Test and Certification

Upon completion of this course, participants may complete the certification examination, in order to validate their Trend Micro Certified Professional for Apex One SaaS certification for another 2 years.

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