Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Automating BIG-IP with Ansible


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: kr19 500,00


This course introduces network administrators, operators, and DevOps engineers to the foundational and F5 Networks-specific technologies required to automate BIG-IP in public and private clouds. Participants will gain exposure to multiple technologies for a variety of use cases and will have hands-on experience that leave them better prepared to work with and deploy automation in the cloud.


  • Understand the role of automation for public and private clouds
  • Describe the components of iControl REST calls and how they interact with BIG-IP
  • Stand up and configure BIG-IP applications using iControl REST
  • Describe the major components of Ansible and how the work together to configure BIG-IP
  • Use flow control elements such as conditionals and looping in Ansible Playbooks
  • Stand up and configure BIG-IP applications using Ansible
  • Understand the role of containers and microservices and how they are used in the cloud to create complex applications
  • Create a basic web service application using Docker containers
  • Use BIG-IP to load balance multiple docker containers
  • Use Application Services 3 to declaratively configure BIG-IP applications
  • Describe the source of truth for each lab exercise


Students should be familiar with and able to configure basic BIG-IP elements such as:

  • Virtual Servers
  • Pools, Pool Members and Nodes
  • Pool Monitors
  • Basic Virtual Server Profiles

In addition, the following general technical knowledge should be well understood:

  • Layer 3 and 4 TCP/IP networking concepts, including IP addressing and subnetting
  • Layer 2 Ethernet and ARP networking concepts
  • Layer 7 HTTP networking concepts
  • Linux command line and basic Linux commands
  • HTML

Finally, nice-to-have knowledge includes familiarity with programming and/or scripting languages, such as:

  • JavaScript or NodeJS
  • Python
  • Bash


  • Configuring BIG-IP with iControl REST
  • Configuring BIG-IP programmatically with Ansible
  • Introduction to Docker and Microservices
  • Configuring BIG-IP declaratively with Applications Services 3

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