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Introduction to Storage (Digital Course)


LENGTH: 16 Hours

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Learn the latest on data storage. This course covers the basics of getting started with IBM Storage. It describes data protection and high availability features. It then goes into the concepts of storage virtualization. It introduces the IBM Spectrum suite of Software-defined storage products. It covers all our disk, flash, tape products. And finally, it covers our storage networking solutions and introduces the idea of cloud computing as it relates to storage.

Data is growing faster in massive stages than ever before. New data is created every second by big data analytics, mobile devices, and social applications. At the rate which data has increased, businesses of all sizes are faced with challenges like capacity growth, performance impact, and day-to-day management to maintain and retain the accuracy of data in either the data centers or the cloud.

IBM offers storage systems designed to analyze massive amounts of data. IBM Storage solutions provide the speed and performance of ready data access with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage. More importantly, they provide product solutions that connect data across any architecture that help businesses to face challenges head on while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

Recall the essentials of disk storage

Outline the continuity plans to maintain high availability and data protection in storage solutions

Restate the concepts of the storage virtualization

Differentiate the types of the hybrid and all-flash storage solutions

Compare the types of the tape storage solutions

Distinguish between storage connectivity options

Differentiate between the features of the Spectrum Storage Suite of software

Clarify the various cloud storage considerations

Key Topics

Unit 1: Essentials of storage

Unit 2: Data protection and high availability

Unit 3: Storage virtualization

Unit 4: IBM Spectrum Storage - SDS

Unit 5: IBM Spectrum Storage - management and protection

Unit 6: IBM Storage disk and flash based systems

Unit 7: IBM Storage tape systems

Unit 8: IBM Storage SAN family overview

Unit 9: IBM Storage and cloud


Anyone interested in data storage.




Unit 1: Course Overview

Unit 2: Essentials of storage

Unit 3: Data Protection and High Availability

Unit 4: Storage Virtualization

Unit 5: IBM System Storage Disk Systems and Flash Based Systems

Unit 6: IBM System Storage Tape Systems

Unit 7: IBM System Storage SAN Family Overview

Unit 8: IBM Storage and Cloud

Unit 9: IBM Spectrum Storage

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21 jul 2024


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