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Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (v11.0)

CODE: B6008G

LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: kr7 885,00


This course provides participants with a high level overview of the IBM Cognos Analytics suite of products and their underlying architecture. They will examine each component as it relates to an Analytics solution. Participants will be shown a range of resources to provide additional information on each product


Please refer to course overview


Multi-role (consumers, business authors, professional authors, developers, administrators, modelers, project managers)


• An understanding of your organization’s business intelligence process and reporting needs • Experience using basic Windows functionality


1: IBM Cognos AnlayticsDescribe IBM Cognos AnalyticsDescribe IBM Cognos Analytics componentsDescribe IBM Cognos architecture at a high levelDescribe IBM Cognos security at a high level2: Consume content in IBM Cognos AnalyticsWhere do consumers access BI content?Use published reportsDrill through to related dataSpecify run report optionsSpecify properties of an entryAlerts and Watch Items3: Create reports in IBM Cognos AnalyticsOverview of reporting and report authoringIdentify package types, uploaded files, and data modules available for reportingExamine IBM Cognos Analytics - ReportingExamine the interfaceExplore different report typesCreate a simple, sorted, and formatted reportCreate a report viewCreate a subscriptionCreate an Active ReportImport and report on personal data4: Create dashboards in IBM Cognos AnalyticsDescribe IBM Cognos DashboardingIdentify the IBM Cognos Dashboarding user interfaceAdd report content and tools to create dashboardsWidget-to-widget communicationFilter data in the dashboardSort, group and ungroup, and calculate data5: Create metadata models in IBM Cognos AnalyticsDefine IBM Cognos Framework Manager and its purposeDescribe the IBM Cognos Framework Manager environmen`tDescribe IBM Cognos Cube DesignerGet high-level content from Dynamic Cubes course and/or FM courseWeb-based ModelingCreate Data Modules6: Extend IBM Cognos AnalyticsIntroduction to IBM Cognos MobileKey featuresExamine Cognos Mobile architectureIdentify supported productsIntroduction to IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft OfficeDescribe Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFÉ)7: Compare IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Cognos BI (Optional)New features in IBM Cognos AnalyticsChanges from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos AnalyticsLegacy optionExamine Event StudioExamine the role of Event Studio in Performance ManagementList the benefits of Event StudioExamine Metric StudioIdentify scorecards, metrics, and metric typesOrganize metrics with strategiesTrack initiatives with projects

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