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Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library – Enterprise Edition


LENGTH: 610 Hours

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This course is provided by an IBM Authorized Global Training Provider: Arrow ECS

Duration: The library contains over 600 hours of highly interactive online learning

The Enterprise Edition of the Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library offers over 250 mainframe course titles, available online, anytime, anywhere and highly interactive training. It not only focuses on the technical aspects of the subject matter, but on the learning itself, and on utilizing eLearning technologies to facilitate advanced learning outcomes. This item is not a global offering so may not be available in your country. Please contact your Arrow Education contact for more details if interested.

Derivative Works Courses are provided by an IBM authorized Global Training Provider. The content of the course is based on IBM products and services. It offers skills or services that IBM does not offer in the course catalog today and are intended to compliment the existing IBM portfolio. The content is developed and owned by Interskill. IBM solely provides a market place to advertise the courses on the external websites, This course is provided by Arrow, who is licensed by Interskill for such.

    Mainframe Library content details :

    Pricing are available for :

    • Individual pricing : From 1 to 4 user , from 5 to 19 users, from 20 to 49 users and from 50 to 99 users (Corporate offering)
    • Workforce pricing : from 100 to 199 users, from 200 to 399 users, from 400 to 999 and 1000+ users (Enterprise offering)



    Based on 27 key roles the online library offers training maps for many products  and solutions that run on IBM mainframes - from operations and product support over system programming, help desk personnel, specialists like mainframe DB administrator or mainframe security specialists - both for learners new to the world of System z as well as senior personnel who can utilize this resource to keep skills and knowledge current, as well as cross-train.


    Anyone who works with IBM mainframe systems.


    No specific prerequisites needed.


    • z/OS Curriculum 
    • z/OS Management Facility Curriculum
    • Disaster Recovery Curriculum 
    • Job Control Language (JCL) Curriculum
    • Utilities Curriculum 
    • JES Curriculum
    • TSO/ISPF for z/OS Curriculum 
    • IBM Environment Introduction Curriculum
    • IBM Mainframe Communications Curriculum 
    • SDSF Curriculum
    • Mainframe Products Curriculum 
    • WebSphere Curriculum
    • Data Centre Storage Management Curriculum 
    • Virtualization Curriculum
    • Security Curriculum 
    • z/VM 6.1 Curriculum
    • OS/390 UNIX Curriculum 
    • Tivoli Workload Scheduler Curriculum
    • COBOL Programming Curriculum 
    • CICS Transaction Server Curriculum
    • Database Curriculum (DB2, IMS) 
    • Java Programming Curriculum
    • Assembler Programming Curriculum 
    • IBM Enterprise PL/1 Programming Curriculum
    • REXX Curriculum 
    • Linux Curriculum
    • VSE Curriculum

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    18 jul 2024


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