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IBM TRIRIGA Facilities and Space Management


LENGTH: 24 Hours

PRICE: kr11 900,00


Students taking this course will understand the fundamentals of space management and why it is a strategic imperative to large enterprises. �They will understand both the concepts and configuration in TRIRIGA for how space classifications are created in building portfolios across floors and various types of space. �Students will learn the details of space data, assessments and space audits. �Further, students will understand Perceptive Apps for stacking and move requests. They will learn how to import CAD drawings and BIM models to TRIRIGA. They will also be introduced to new �features in TRIRIGA for Dynamic Space Planning


After completing this course, the student should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create and Manage Spaces
  • Associate Spaces to People and Assets
  • Allocate Spaces to Organizations and manage Occupancy and Chargeback calculations
  • Assess and adjust space utilization
  • Plan and Manage moving People and Assets across locations
  • Utilize CAD and BIM model floor plans to manage and view location data
  • Plan and review various space Scenarios


The typical student for this course may be a space planner, space strategist or business analyst in Corporate Real Estate with a large enterprise. �Also, consultants, systems integrators and IT architects may take this course as well


Unit 1: Space Management�

Unit 2: Space Classifications�

Unit 3: Managing Spaces

Unit 4: Space Management Setup

Unit 5: Assessing Space Data�

Unit 6: Requesting Space�

Unit 7: Planning and Managing Moves�

Unit 8: Dynamic Space Planning�

Unit 9: Strategic Planning

Unit 10: CAD Graphic Management�

Unit 11: BIM Modeling

Session Dates
Time Zone

14 jun 2024


Self Paced Training

kr 11 900,00

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