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IBM FlashSystem 9500 Implementation


LENGTH: 8 Hours

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The foundations of IBM FlashSystem 9500 are covered in this course. It introduces students to IBM FlashSystems, how to configure it, and navigate its user interface.�The course delves deeper into IBM FlashCore technology, the ultra-low latency of Storage Class Memory (SCM), the rich features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and AI predictive storage management to provide intensive, data driven multi-cloud storage for the most critical demands.�There are pre-recorded lab demos to show IBM Spectrum Virtualize in action.


  • Recall the history and fundamentals of IBM FlashSystem storage�
  • Summarize the concept IBM Spectrum Virtualization software features�
  • Distinguish the core principles of the IBM FlashCore Technology�
  • Classify the characteristics and components of the IBM FlashSystem 9500�
  • Identify the characteristics of the traditional RAID arrays and Distributed RAID arrays as part of the FlashSystem 9500 storage solution�
  • Summarize the symmetric virtualization process to scale up and scale out a FlashSystem 9500 system environment�
  • Summarize the virtualization process of internal and external storage systems


Anyone interested in the product


  • Unit 1: The Evolution of FlashSystems
  • Unit 2: IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Unit 3: IBM FlashSystem 9500 Architecture Overview
  • Unit 4: IBM FlashCore Technology
  • Unit 5: IBM FlashSystem 9500 SAS-Attached Storage
  • Unit 6: Scale Up and Scale Out Solutions
  • Unit 7: RAID Protection Solutions
  • Unit 8: Lab demos:�
  • � � Video 1: IBM FlashSystem 9500 Introduction and Product Architecture
  • � � Video 2: IBM FlashSystem User Management with the GUI and CLI
  • � � Video 3: IBM FlashSystem Pools, Data Reduction and CLI Commands for Pools
  • � � Video 4: Attach a Windows host to an IBM FlashSystem
  • � � Video 5: Attach a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host to an IBM FlashSystem
  • � � Video 6: IBM FlashSystem Thin Provisioning and Volume Mirroring

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01 mar 2024


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kr 3 040,00

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