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IBM Business Partner logoIBM online learning provides training for every need and budget.

SPVC is a flexible online learning solution that allows you to take control of your learning – when and where you want.

Benefits of SPVC:

  • Delivers the same content and exercises as our official classroom training.
  • Hands-on labs available as part of the course fee.
  • Courses are self paced and labs are accessible at any time, at your convenience.
  • No travel costs.

WBT is available on demand and it’s offered as single titles, collections or libraries.

Benefits of WBT:

  • Courses are self-paced and all from your desktop.
  • No travel costs.

How does it work? Please view the  Introduction to IBM Digital Learning Solutions.

The IBM eLearning offerings eLearning with labs :
The IBM eLearning offerings without labs :

NEW eLearning offering : The IBM Digital Learning Subscription or DLS

IBM Digital Learning Subscription banner image

IBM Digital Learning Subscription is a SaaS-based education offering that gives subscribers access to IBM Cloud and Data and AI digital learning courses for a 12 month period.

What types of DLS are available?
There are two editions available in each product area.
In the Individual edition, individual subscribers can select to take up to 6 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) and 3 web-based training courses (WBTs).
In the Enterprise edition, subscribers have up to 30 digital enrollments available for up to 30 users. They can choose from SPVCs and WBTs.

Why subscribe to DLS?
The IBM Digital Learning Subscription is personalized, flexible and cost-efficient.
Personalized: Build your expertise. Choose the digital courses that map to your learning journey, skills destination, and desired role.
Flexible: Move at your pace. Choose digital courses with hands-on labs anytime during your subscription period.
Cost-Efficient: Pay one price for 12 month subscription. Realize built-in savings as compared to individual course purchases.

Which type of courses are available in DLS?
You can select from 150+ highly-rated IBM Cloud or Data and AI digital courses. Gain extensive hands-on lab learning experience. See the links below for the complete catalogues:
Cloud Catalog
Data and AI Catalog

Where can I find more information about Digital Learning Subscription?
Our team is available to answer your questions on 0870 251 1000 /

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