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Arrow Education Pack

The Arrow Education Pack (Edpack) has been a staple for many years for companies wishing to take a streamlined and strategic approach to upskilling their teams.


What is the Arrow Education Pack?

It is a programme which allows organisations to pre-purchase discounted training credit via a single purchase order to draw down over a 12 month period, significantly reducing the administrative overheads whilst providing the benefit of a managed service.


What training is included?

All Arrow offered training is included from a single delegate on a public class to groups of delegates on private classes delivered virtually, on-site or at one of Arrow’s locations. Our first class instructors are happy to tailor private classes to ensure the best experience and most appropriate use of edpack budget.


Elearning is also included.


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What is the Process?

Once an edpack has been purchased an Arrow Education specialist will provide a managed service ensuring that the training requirements and funding are managed appropriately. Training records (and certification where appropriate) of personnel are managed centrally and always current and easily accessible.

What are the benefits?

The purchase of an education pack provides the following benefits..

  • Excellent discount levels
  • Streamlined administrative processes
  • Management/retention of annual training budgets including expiring budgets
  • Flexibility to use for any Arrow offered training
  • Inclusion of certification vouchers where previously agreed
  • Provision of a managed service to track and monitor training/certification status/delegate feedback
  • Access to 100+ Instructors to support and advise on reaching training goals

What discounts are available?

  • 10% discount for edpacks over £25,000
  • 20% discount for edpacks over £50,000
  • 30% discount for edpacks over £100,000

Who should I contact?

For further information on the education pack offering, please contact us on 0870 251 1000 or