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New Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

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Dear Microsoft Partner,

Microsoft has evolved its partner programme.

From October 2022, it will be called the Microsoft Cloud Partner Programme.

In future, there will be six solution partner specialisations in which you can prove and demonstrate your skills.

The classification in Silver and Gold will change to Solution Partner and Specialist/Expert.

New points system

Your investment in growth and success will be objectively measured in the new programme using the “Partner Capability Score”.

The Partner Capability Score evaluates the number of certifications held (Skilling), new customers (Performance) and successful implementations (Customer Service).

Points are awarded for this...minimum 70 points; maximum 100 points.


Skilling, i.e. building up know-how and certifications, requires time and planning.

Check the number of people in your organisation with Microsoft certifications.

Compare this with the new requirements and in your partner dashboard.

Complete missing Microsoft certifications by attending additional training and exams.

Start early and earn your Microsoft Skilling points now with Arrow Education's education and certification offers.

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