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The Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library is a new way to build up skills on IBM System z and related topics.

Based on high-quality content from our partner Interskill, who represent more than 20 years experience in mainframe education, it provides a comprehensive catalog of learning solutions on mainframe – within and beyond the IBM training portfolio, including:

  • over 200 eLearning courses – all up-to-date to match current IBM release levels, including the latest release

  • Skills Assessment – identify gaps, measure learning effectiveness, calculate training ROI

  • Learning Plans – role-based training maps

  • Genuine eLearning – low-cost, zero travel … anytime anywhere !

Based on many different key roles the online library offers training maps for many products and solutions that run on IBM mainframes - from operations and product support over system programming, help desk personnel, specialists like mainframe DB administrator or mainframe security specialists - both for learners new to the world of System z as well as senior personnel who can utilize this resource to keep skills and knowledge current, as well as cross-train.

And you can earn official IBM credentials now by following the Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library courses from Interskill, as part of the IBM Open Badge Program. These IBM credentialed, z Systems Mainframe Badges are a recognized, respected and valued benchmark for z Systems Mainframe Knowledge and Skills in the global Mainframe Computing Industry!

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If you have questions on the Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library, the library content or want to register, please contact us by phone or email, as indicated above - or take a look at the course description.

Smarter Training for IBM System z: The Arrow Mainframe Online Learning Library

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