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Check Point Certified Automation Specialist (CCAS) R81.20 (includes 1 month's lab access 24/7)


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: £1,595.00


Gain the knowledge and skills to effectively implement automation and orchestration technologies in a Check Point security environment.


• Define and explain the benefits of automation and orchestration.

• Discuss technologies used for automation and orchestration, such as scripts and APIs.

• Discuss the basic components of the Check Point API infrastructure and how these components interact to provide security automation and orchestration.

• Given a scenario, prepare the Check Point environment for API operations.

• Describe the basic workflow for Management API command usage.

• Identify the supported automation tools for Management API commands.

• Given a scenario, use the appropriate automation tool to run Management API commands.

• Describe the basic workflow for Gaia API command usage.

• Identify the supported automation tools for Gaia API commands.

• Given a scenario, use the appropriate automation tool to run Gaia API commands.

• List best practices and guidelines for Management and Gaia APIs.

• Identify the benefits of using the JSON argument (--format json) with Management API commands.

• Give examples of how to use the jq utility to filter Management API output.

• Identify the prerequisites for using Postman for Check Point Web API calls.

• Describe the basic workflow for using Postman to send Check Point Web API calls.

• Given a scenario, configure and use Postman to send Web API commands.


• Use scripts to deploy a Security Management Server.

• Deploy a Security Gateway using the Blink utility.

• Use best practices to prepare the security environment for API usage.

• Use internal and external tools to automate object and policy creation and modification.

• Automate the creation and installation of the security policy.

• Automate the connection of the Security Gateway.

• Automate adjustments to Check Point Server Configuration with the Gaia API.

• Use the Management API and the Gaia API to add resources,modify object settings, and perform maintenance tasks.

• Use JSON scripts and jq to view objects and monitor performance.


This Specialist-level course is designed for Security Professionals who want to gain practical knowledge and skills using automation and orchestration technologies to streamline and improve Check Point security management and operations.


  • Working knowledge of Unix-like and/or Windows operating systems, networking fundamentals, networking security, TCP/IP networking, Bash scripting, and vi editor.
  • Other prerequisites that are strongly encouraged include knowledge of Check Point security (CCSA and CCSE) and a minimum of six months practical experience with Check Point security solutions.


  • Introduction to automation and orchestration
  • Introduction to Check Point APIs
  • Management API
  • Gaia API
  • Best practices and guidelines
  • JSON and jq
  • Postman

Further Information

Please note that Check Point only offer e-kit courseware for training courses. Each delegate will be provided with an official set of e-kit courseware.

Arrow ECS are a Check Point Platinum Elite Authorised Training Company (ATC) Partner and participate in the Check Point Learning Credits (CLCs) and Partner Coop Training Program.

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01 Aug 2024

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17 Oct 2024

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05 Dec 2024

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