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ONTAP 9 Bootcamp Workshop (60 Training Units)


LENGTH: 5 days

PRICE: £3,840.00


This course is designed for participants looking to gain ONTAP 9 knowledge (NCDA) and Hands On Installation (NCSIE) in a single week.This offering combines ONTAP 9 Cluster Administration with Installation Workshop into a week long training session on data management & Hands On Installation.

This course uses lecture and hands-on exercises to teach basic administration of an ONTAP cluster. You will configure and maintain a cluster; practice working with ONTAP features and manage your storage and network resources using the cluster shell and OnCommand System Manager. The course covers initial cluster setup and basic security principles, storage and networking configuration, client access protocols and maintenance.

This course  also prepares you to deliver ONTAP system installation services in a way that meets NetApp® quality standards and uses NetApp best practices.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how ONTAP 9 fits into NetApp’s Cloud and Data Fabric strategy
  • Identify supported ONTAP platforms
  • Define ONTAP cluster components
  • Create a cluster
  • Manage ONTAP administrators
  • Configure and manage storage resources
  • Configure and manage networking resources
  • Describe a Storage Virtual Machine’s (SVM’s) role in NetApp’s storage architecture
  • Create and configure an SVM
  • Create and manage FlexVols
  • Implement storage efficiency features
  • Create protocol servers within an SVM
  • Upgrade and revert ONTAP patches and releases
  • Describe the levels on which ONTAP protects data
  • Describe the ONTAP 9 data protection features.
  • Understand the various data mirroring relationships available with ONTAP 9.
  • Configure and operate SnapMirror and SnapVault data replication.
  • Demonstrate Storage Virtual Machine data protection.
  • Explain the components and configuration involved with SyncMirror and MetroCluster
  • Describe NDMP protocol operation, configuration and management.
  • Complete pre-installation tasks
  • Explain clustered Data ONTAP terminology
  • List the cluster cabling options and restrictions
  • Install and update cluster and management switches
  • Install, configure, and test a two-node switched cluster
  • Provide a customer with the appropriate information when you are handing off a system


Customers, NetApp employees and partner Professional Services engineers who are responsible for system administration and installation.




96 NetApp Training Units

Session Dates