Arrow Electronics, Inc.

DevOps Sales Workshop


LENGTH: 1 day

PRICE: £1,999.00


This 1 day beginners workshop creates an environment of easy learning and communication whilst making the connection between DevOps and New Ways of Winning for high-performance sales teams and influencers within the vendor, distribution and partner ecosystem.

It supports a level of knowledge as to what Business Agility and more specifically DevOps is and how it is being adopted within the business world.


Participants will understand...

• How to engage in a Business Agility and/or DevOps conversation with their prospects and customers.

• The importance of perception in the market

• How to differentiate from their competition.

• How DevOps shortens sales cycles.

• How to use DevOps to build winning business cases.

Participants will be able to...

• Identify a DevOps opportunity.

• Position their products.

• Build more profitable and sustainable relationships across the whole business and not just technology.


Any Business Partner wishing to understand how to use the DevOps methodology to shorten sales cycles and differentiate within the marketplace


Familiarity with IT processes and operations


  • Four pieces of introductory material to be accessed and studied prior to the workshop
  • A pre-workshop call to establish access and tools availability.
  • The workshop - A Business Simulation over 5 rounds (with breaks)
  • One piece of summary and factsheet material to be accessed after the workshop
  • One short questionnaire to be accessed and completed after the workshop
  • Commitment to 1 x 120 minute DevOps Sales planning session after the workshop

Session Dates