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IBM Cloud Digital Learning Subscription Enterprise DLS


LENGTH: 2920 Hours

PRICE: £11,450.00


What is the IBM Digital Learning Subscription (DLS)?

  • IBM Digital Learning Subscription is a SaaS-based education offering that gives individual subscribers access to IBM Cloud and Data and AI digital learning courses for a 12 month period. Subscribers can select to take up to 6 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) and 3 web-based training courses (WBTs) from a catalog of 150+ highly-rated IBM Cloud digital courses created by expert IBM lab teams.

What types of DLS are available?

  • There are two editions available in each product area.  In the Individual edition, individual subscribers can select to take up to 6 self-paced courses with labs (SPVCs) and 3 web-based training courses (WBTs).
  • In the Enterprise edition, subscribers have up to 30 digital enrollments available for up to 30 users.  They can choose from SPVCs and WBTs.

Why subscribe to DLS?

  • The IBM Digital Learning Subscription is personalized, flexible and cost-efficient.
  • Personalized: Build your expertise. Choose the digital courses that map to your learning journey, skills destination, and desired role.
  • Flexible: Move at your pace. Choose digital courses with hands-on labs anytime during your subscription period.
  • Cost-Efficient: Pay one price for 12 month subscription. Realize built-in savings as compared to individual course purchases.
  • Which type of courses are available in DLS?


You can select from 150+ highly-rated IBM Cloud or Data and AI digital courses. Gain extensive hands-on lab learning experience.   See the links below for the complete catalogs:


What your subscription includes:

•             Access to the Digital Learning Platform for 12 months

•             Once all licenses have been used, the Platform will restrict any further enrollments

•             This subscription contains 30 licenses for you to distribute to your users.

•             Unlimited access to our selection of free courses for the full subscription term

Session Dates
Time Zone

28 May 2023


Self Paced Training

£ 11,450.00