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IBM Cognos Report Studio (V10.2) Bootcamp

CODE: U4B4423G

LENGTH: 5 day(s)

PRICE: £3,250.00


This IBM Cognos Report Studio (V10.2) Bootcamp is an intensive, five-day course covering all the topics you need to return to the workplace and immediately be able to build sophisticated reports against both relational and dimensional data. Within one week we will cover most of the topics covered on three of our stand-alone courses - IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Fundamentals (V10.2) (B5258GB), IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (V10.2) (B5261GB) and IBM Cognos Report Studio:Author Professional Reports Advanced (V10.2) (B5259GB) Separately, these courses add up to seven days of training. This course is aimed at those who have experience of using relational and dimensional data and have had exposure to reporting tools - Cognos BI or similar. As well as serving the purpose of allowing Professional Report Authors to become proficient as quickly as possible, this course is ideal for those not directly involved in reporting, but who still need and understanding of the concepts. For example, BI Modellers.


This intermediate course is for Professional Report Authors or those who need knowledge of creating reports using IBM Cognos Report Studio.


You should have: Knowledge of your business requirements Experience using the Windows operating system Experience using a Web browser It is recommended that you have: Understanding of the structure of relational and dimensional data Some experience of building reports using relational and dimensional data using Cognos or a similar tool IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (10.2) WBT

Further Information

Introduction to the Report Application Create List Overview of Cognos BI Reports Create Crosstab Reports Focus Reports using Filters Present Data Graphically Focus Reports Using Prompts Extend Reports Using Calculations Customise Reports with Conditional Formatting Additional Report Building Techniques Enhance Report Layout Introduction to Dimensional Reporting Concepts Introduction to Dimensional Data in Reports Dimensional Report Context Focus your Dimensional Data Calculations and Dimensional Functions Functions for Navigating Relative Functions Advanced Drilling Member Sets Drill Through from one Report to Another Drill Through Definitions Create Query Models Create Reports Based upon Query Relationships Design Effective Prompts Create Advanced Dynamic Reports Create Additional Advanced Reports Examine the Report Specification Distribute Reports Through Bursting

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