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Juniper Mist AIOps (JMA)


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: £2,550.00


This two-day course explores both the available resource-based Mist AI data and real-time event-based Mist AI data.

The class looks at how the data can be accessed and searched through the Mist UI via Marvis.

The class also explores automation and integration using the Mist APIs.

Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience with features of Mist AI.

Juniper Mist AIOps (JMA) is an intermediate-level course.


After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

• Describe the data available in the Mist Cloud.

• Describe Marvis components and operations.

• Leverage Marvis to access Mist AI data.

• Explain the built-in integration options.

• Describe Mist RESTful API features and limitations.

• Describe Mist WebSockets API features and limitations.

• Describe Mist Webhook API features and limitations.

• Perform Mist AI Operations using Postman.

• Perform Mist AI Operations using Node-RED.

• Explore Mist API using Python.

• Perform advanced Mist AI automation using Python.


This course benefits individuals responsible for accessing and using Mist AI data for business intelligent operations.


The prerequities for this course are:

• Basic networking (wired and wireless) knowledge;

• Understanding of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the TCP/IP protocol suite;

• Basic scripting knowledge, Python knowledge recommended; and

• Completion of the Juniper Mist AI Networks (MIST) course.


Day 1

Course Introduction

What Is AIOps?

• AIOps Definition

• AI and ML

• The Importance of Data

Mist AI Data

• Mist Data—Input Data and Generated Data

• Resource-Based Data—Config, Events, and Audit Data


• Real-Time Data—Device Data and Location Data


• Natural Langue

• Query Langue

• Conversational nterface

Marvis Data

• Client Data—Marvis Clients

• Roaming

• How Marvis Uses Mist Data

Built-In Integration

• Ekahau and iBwave Import

• Cloud Shark

• External Guest Portals

Lab : Building In Integration

Day 2


• Authentication

• CRUD Methods

• Examples and Use Cases

• RESTful API Operations

Mist WebSockets API

• WebSockets API Introduction

• WebSockets API Features

• WebSockets API Limitations

Automation and Scripting

• Mist Webhook API Introduction

• Mist Webhook API Features

• Mist Webhook API Limitations


• Automate Multiple Tasks

• Examples and Use Cases

• Getting Started with Postman

• Set Up Your Environment

• Use the Juniper Mist Collection

Lab: Automating Mist AI Operations Using Postman


• Examples and Use Cases

• How to Use Sequences

• Integration with Physical Environment

Lab: Automating Workflows with Node-RED

Python and Mist API

• Analyze Responses from Mist API

• Establish Websocket Connections

• Make RESTful API Calls

Lab: Creating a Mist Site Using Python

Python Automation

• Automate Multiple Tasks

• Examples and Use Cases

• Script Examples

Lab: Creating Multiple Mist Sites Using Python

Session Dates
Time Zone

12 Jun 2024

Virtual Training Class - TP



Instructor Led Online

£ 2,550.00