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Introduction to Juniper Data Center Networking (IJDC)


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: £2,550.00


This three-day course provides introductory instruction on data center switching using Juniper products.

Although this course does not cover Ethernet VPN–Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN/VXLAN) architecture, it covers the baseline knowledge necessary to understand a data center that is built upon an IP fabric with an EVPN/VXLAN overlay.

This course covers OSPF, BGP, routing policy, link aggregation, Ethernet switching, VLANs, load balancing, filter-based forwarding (FPF), layer 2 security features, routing instances, graceful restart, and BFD.

Introduction to Juniper Data Center Networking (IJDC) is an introductory-level course.


• Identify and describe how to configure a typical data center layout, including spine and leaf placements.

• Describe an IP fabric architecture.

• Explain and configure basic Ethernet switching.

• Explain and configure virtual networks (VLANs).

• Describe layer 2 security.

• Implement link aggregation.

• Describe and implement protocol independent routing and routing instances with Junos OS.

• Configure load balancing within Junos OS.

• Implement filter-based forwarding (FBF) using Junos OS.

• Describe and deploy OSPF.

• Describe and deploy BGP.

• Implement graceful restart and BFD using Junos OS.


This course benefits individuals responsible for configuring and managing network equipment in data centers.


The following are the prerequisites for this course:

• Knowledge of basic TCP/IP networking;

• Understanding basic layer 2;

• Familiarity with Data Center technologies; and

• Junos OS configuration experience—the Introduction to the Junos Operating System (IJOS) course or equivalent


Day 1

Course Introduction

Traditional Architectures

• Identify a typical Data Center layout; identify pros and cons

• Describe the new networking requirements in a data center

• Describe Juniper products for spine and leaf placement

Modern Architectures

• Describe Juniper Products for Spine and Leaf placement

• Describe the purpose of Juniper APSTRA

Ethernet Switching Overview

• List the benefits of implementing switched LANs

• Describe transparent bridging concepts and operations

• Describe terms and design considerations for switched LANs

Configuring Ethernet Switching

• Configure interfaces for Ethernet switching

• Display and interpret the Ethernet switching table

Lab 1: Implementing Ethernet Switching

Virtual Networks Overview

• Explain the concept of a virtual LAN (VLAN)

• Describe access and trunk ports

• Explain access and trunk ports use and benefits

Configuring Virtual Networks

• Configure and monitor VLANs

• Explain inter-VLAN routing operations

• Configure and monitor inter-VLAN routing operations

Lab 2: Implementing Virtual Networks

Layer 2 Security

• Describe MAC filtering

• Describe Storm Control

Lab 3: Implement Layer 2 Security Features

Day 2

Link Aggregation

• Describe and implement link aggregation

Lab 4: Configure and Monitor Link Aggregation

Protocol Independent Routing

• Configure static routes

• Configure aggregate routes

• Configure generated routes

• Manage Martian routes

Routing Instances

• Describe routing instances

• Configure and share routes between routing instances

Lab 5: Configuring Protocol Independent Routing and Routing Instances

Load Balancing

• Describe load balancing concepts and operations

• Implement and monitor layer 3 load balancing

Filter-Based Forwarding (FBF)

• Illustrate benefits of filter-based forwarding

• Configure and monitor filter-based forwarding

Lab 6: Load Balancing and FBF

Day 3

Fundamentals of OSPF

• Describe basic OSPF functionality

• Describe adjacency formation and the DR election

• Describe the scalability of OSPF

Deploying OSPF

• Configure and monitor OSPF

• Troubleshoot OSPF

Lab 7: Deploying OSPF

Fundamentals of BGP

• Overview of BGP

• BGP Attributes

Deploying BGP

• IBGP versus EBGP

• Configuring and Monitoring BGP

Lab 8: Deploying BGP

Graceful Restart and BFD

• Describe the benefits of graceful restart and BFD

• Configure graceful restart

• Configure BFD

Lab 9: Configure Graceful Restart and BFD

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