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VMware Enterprise Learning Subscription (1-Year Term)


LENGTH: 2920 Hours

PRICE: £5,885.00


Organizations across the globe share a common challenge: how to efficiently train
IT teams with the skills they need to achieve business outcomes.

The VMware Enterprise Learning Subscription™ can help organizations overcome this
challenge. A comprehensive digital learning solution with the latest training content
developed exclusively by VMware certified experts, the Enterprise Learning Subscription
helps IT teams gain the knowledge, skills and validation for continued success—
anytime, anywhere.

Why VMware Enterprise Learning Subscription?
• Designed specifically for IT organizations
• Ideal for a global team with varied skill levels
• Access to all on-demand and VMware Lab Connect™ courses, including more than
1,300 videos on best practices and troubleshooting (minimum 12 months of access)
Team learning
• Ideal for geographically dispersed learning—no travel required, and teams
train at their own pace
• Ideal for seasoned VMware learners or those highly experienced in a specific
solution topic
• Advanced content focuses on complex process steps and troubleshooting
• Includes a live lab experience with instructor support
• Generally includes three or more days (more than 24 hours) of content

Session Dates
Time Zone

23 Sep 2023


Self Paced Training

£ 5,885.00

We also offer sessions in other countries