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Getting started with Sterling Global Inventory Visibility

CODE: 6F122G

LENGTH: 6 Hours

PRICE: £360.00


This self paced virtual classroom course explains inventory-related features provided by IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility. In this course, Sterling Global Inventory Visibility is integrated with IBM Sterling Order Management. The student learns about the inventory and how to manage it in Sterling Global Inventory Visibility.  After the student understands the inventory management concepts, they can move to the 15 hands-on exercises included in the course. Sterling Global Inventory Visibility is integrated with IBM Sterling Order Management. 


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the Global Inventory Invisibility  basics
  • Perform inventory adjustments
  • Create a supply type
  • Create a demand type
  • View inventory summary
  • Enable safety factors for rules, nodes, and supply types
  • Configure an ATP rule
  • Create an event based ATP Rule
  • Create an action based ATP Rule
  • Create an on hand inventory monitor
  • Configure product classes
  • Configure inventory reason codes
  • Configure IBA rules
  • Configure other rules



Developers, Implementers


  • Global Inventory Invisibility basics
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Supply types
  • Demand types
  • Inventory summary
  • Safety factors for rules, nodes and supply types
  • Event based ATP Rule
  • Action based ATP Rule
  • On hand inventory monitor
  • Product classes
  • Inventory reason codes
  • IBA rules
  • Other rules

Session Dates
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02 Dec 2023


Self Paced Training

£ 360.00

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