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Symantec Web Protection - Edge SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration R1

CODE: SYM_000209

LENGTH: 32 Hours (4 days)

PRICE: £2,245.00


The Symantec Web Protection—Edge SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration course provides a detailed introduction to the features that comprise Edge SWG, which is the on-premise component of Symantec Web Protection.

These applications include ProxySG, Management Center, Reporter, Content Analysis, and High Risk Isolation.

This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable students to test their understanding of the concepts presented in the lessons.


By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the major Edge SWG functions and capabilities
  • Write policies to defend enterprise networks against malware attacks and to enforce acceptable Internet browsing behavior
  • Understand how the various applications work together to secure enterprise networks

View reports and monitor solution performance


  • Basic understanding of networking concepts
  • Basic understanding of network security concepts
  • Basic understanding of the use of proxy servers


Module 1: Introduction to Symantec Edge SWG

  • Overview of Web Protection Suite
  • Overview of Edge SWG components

Module 2: Intercepting web traffic and applying policy

  • How the ProxySG intercepts traffic
  • Writing policy on the ProxySG
  • Layer and rule evaluation order in the VPM

Module 3: Applying security and web usage policy to encrypted traffic

  • Introduction to TLS
  • Managing HTTPS traffic on the ProxySG

Module 4: Providing security and web usage policies based on role or group

  • Authentication basics on the ProxySG
  • Using IWA authentication on the ProxySG
  • Authentication modes in explicit and transparent modes
  • Connecting to the Windows domain directly using IWA direct
  • Connecting to the Windows domain using IWA BCAAA
  • Using roles and groups in policy

Module 5: Enforcing corporate guidelines for acceptable Internet browsing behavior

  • Create strong corporate guidelines for acceptable Internet use
  • Use website categorization to enforce acceptable use guidelines
  • Provide the ProxySG with categorization databases to be referenced in policy
  • Set the Request URL Category object in policy to enforce acceptable use guidelines
  • Inform users when web access is denied or restricted due to policy
  • Module 6: Protecting the endpoint from malicious activity

    • WebPulse technical details
    • Introduction to Intelligence Services
    • Using Intelligence Services data feeds in policy
    • Ensuring safe downloads

    Module 7: Centrally managing devices with Management Center

    • How Management Center centralizes and simplifies device management
    • Configuring the ProxySG with the ProxySG Admin Console
    • Creating and distributing VPM policies
    • Creating and managing jobs
    • Use reports to analyze web browsing activity

    Module 8: Reporting for Edge SWG features

    • How Reporter delivers centralized web reporting
    • Configuring access logging on the ProxySG
    • Using the Reporter Admin Console to configure log processing on Reporter

    Module 9: Enhancing security with virus scanning

    • Introduction to Content Analysis
    • Exploring the Content Analysis management console
    • Configuring communication with the ProxySG over ICAP
    • Configuring malware scanning options

    Module 10: Using malware analysis to analyze potentially malicious files

    • Introduction to malware analysis
    • Preparing the use malware analysis
    • Performing malware analysis

    Module 11: Providing security for risky and unknown websites with High Risk Isolation

    • Introduction to High Risk Isolation
    • Configuring HRI
    • Overview of Symantec Web Isolation
    • Module 12: Monitoring Edge SWG features

      • Monitoring devices from within Management Center
      • Monitor and maintain the Content Analysis
      • Troubleshooting tips


      Module 13: Understanding SGOS architecture and caching on the Edge SWG

      • SGOS architecture
      • Caching on the Edge SWG
      • Using HTTP compression
      • Module 14: Using built-in diagnostic tools on the Edge SWG

        • Exploring sysinfo files
        • Using policy tracing and policy coverage
        • Using packet captures
        • Sending service information to Symantec

        Module 15: Expanding security with cloud integrations

        • Introduction to Cloud SWG
        • Using Universal Policy Enforcement
        • Integrating CloudSOC with Symantec Web Protection

        Module 16: Course review

        • Symantec Web Protection--Edge SWG Planning, Implementation, and Administration course review

        Appendix A: Using Content Policy Language (CPL)

        • Basic CPL concepts
        • Intermediate CPL concepts
        • Using CPL best practices

        Appendix B: Introduction to Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP)

        • Basic HTTP concepts

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