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IBM Cloud Pak for AIOPs: Operating with Event Manager to reduce MTTR


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: £1,300.00


This course teaches you how to use the Event Manager component of IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps v3.2 to view, categorize, understand, and resolve alarm conditions in your IT event to reduce the mean time to resolve (MTTR) those issues.


  • Describe the functions of the Event Viewer component of IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps
  • View events
  • Create filtered events views
  • Change the columns that are shown in event views
  • View related events and designate a possible root cause
  • View events that are periodic in nature
  • Create a Runbook automations
  • Change the priority of an event
  • Assign an event to a particular user or group


This course is intended for help desk personnel and operators using IBM Event Manager.


  • Understand how systems, applications, services, and network topology relate to one another
  • Have basic Linux command-line skills
  • Understand the kinds of events or alarms that are typical to an enterprise or telco customer


  • Course introduction
  • Unit 1. Accessing your lab environment
  • Exercise 1. About your lab environment
  • Unit 2. Seeing events in the Event Viewer
  • Exercise 2. Seeing events in the Event Viewer
  • Unit 3. Customize and create event views and filters
  • Exercise 3. Customizing event views
  • Unit 4. Viewing related events
  • Exercise 4. Viewing related events
  • Unit 5. Using the Topology Viewer
  • Exercise 5. Using the Topology Viewer
  • Unit 6. Create runbooks
  • Exercise 6. Create and use Runbooks
  • Course summary

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