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IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.10 Administration


LENGTH: 5.52 Hours

PRICE: £160.00


A CP4S administrator performs advanced tasks related to the daily management and operation of the Cloud Pak for Security environment. In this course, you learn the key competencies of a CP4S Security Administrator.��

This course prepares you for the IBM Certified Administrator–Cloud Pak for Security V1.10 certification exam (Exam C1000-115). This course is a study guide for the test. You need additional knowledge you have obtained by working with CP4S and supporting technologies to pass the exam.


  • Describe Cloud Pak for Security planning tasks related to gathering system requirements, license requirements, tools, and preinstallation activities
  • Install Red Hat OpenShift
  • Install Cloud Pak for Security�
  • Configure identity providers, account, licenses, and applications in Cloud Pak for Security
  • Connect data sources, including Edge Gateway, to Cloud Pak for Security
  • Create and manage Cloud Pak for Security users, API keys, cases, and dashboards
  • Maintain the Cloud Pak for Security platform and Red Hat OpenShift cluster
  • Backup and restore Cloud Pak for Security
  • Use the Red Hat OpenShift web console to upgrade Cloud Pak for Security
  • Troubleshoot Cloud Pak for Security issues using the foundational services platform, MustGather logs, and health check metrics
  • Prepare for the IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.10 Administrator certification exam


Security analysts, Security operators, Security administrators


  • Working knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Security
  • Knowledge of the Red Hat OpenShift Container platform
  • Knowledge of computer security principles, such as cloud security VPNs, user management best practices, certificates, and networking
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting techniques


  • Course introduction
  • Verifying Cloud Pak for Security requirements
  • Installing Red Hat OpenShift C
  • Installing Cloud Pak for Security
  • Configuring Identity Providers
  • Configuring accounts
  • Configuring licenses
  • Configuring applications
  • Connecting data sources
  • Connecting the Edge Gateway
  • Managing users
  • Managing API keys
  • Managing cases
  • Using dashboards
  • Maintaining licensing
  • Maintaining Cloud Pak for Security
  • Maintaining the Red Hat OpenShift cluster
  • Maintaining Cloud Pak for Security data
  • Upgrading Cloud Pak for Security
  • Troubleshooting Cloud Pak for Security
  • Troubleshooting the Red Hat OpenShift container platform
  • Course summary

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18 Jul 2024


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£ 160.00

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