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Commvault Professional


LENGTH: 24 Hours (3 days)

PRICE: €2.160,00


Learn how to manage your Commvault environment with the Command Center. Build on foundational concepts including Commvault terminology and architecture, along with a lesson in navigating the Command Center. You will then learn how to configure storage targets and take advantage of deduplication technology to maximize storage resources and improve network bandwidth, create security rules to manage users by roles and groups, and use network topologies to ensure that data flows only through intended paths. Once these required configurations are complete, you will be guided through the setup of several features to prepare Commvault to protect a number of workload categories. The course continues with options for backing up data, browsing and recovering data, and setting up plans so that your backups run efficiently and effectively. Finally, learn to monitor your environment with dashboards, alerts, and reports.


The Commvault

® Professional Foundations exam validates the skills required to configure and administer a CommCell® environment using the Commvault Command Center™. It proves a professional level skillset in the following areas:
  • CommCell ® Administration – user and group security, configuring administrative tasks, conducting data protection and recovery operations, and CommCell® monitoring.
  • Storage Administration – deduplication, disk, cloud and tape storage configuration.
  • CommCell Core Components – CommServe® server, MediaAgent and placement, client and agent configuration.

Passing the Commvault® Professional Foundations exam in combination with passing the Commvault® Professional Advanced exam results in obtaining the Commvault® Certified Professional certification.


Who should take this course?

  • • Administrators who are responsible for the operational aspects of their data protection
  • • System architects who are responsible for configuration and deployment of Commvault and the workloads being protected
  • • Users who are new to Commvault and setting up their data protection for the first time
  • • Users who are new to managing Commvault in an existing environment and need to learn how their protection strategy works


It is recommended that you watch the Welcome to Commvault® e-Learning course. This course is included at no additional cost, as a part of the Commvault Professional Foundations registration, and is recommended to be completed prior to attending the course.


CommCell® Environment

l CommCell® Overview

l Product Lines

l Commvault Command Center™ Core Setup

l Commvault Command Center™ Navigation

l Features

l Commvault Command Center™ Customization

l CommCell® Core Components

Storage Configuration

l Storage Overview

l Disk Storage

l Cloud Storage

l Deduplication

l Tape Storage


l Storage Policies

l Retention

Client Administration

l Users Security

l Network Topologies

Data Management

l Plans

l Data Protection

l Data Recovery

l Job Managemente

Servers and Features

l Servers and Server Groups

l Agent Deployment

l Files and Network Storage Protection

l Virtual Machine Protection


l Views

l Alerts

l Reports

l Support

Test and Certification

Completion of this course helps you prepare for the Commvault Professional Exam Certification. The Commvault Certified Professional is included free of charge as a part of the Commvault Professional instructor, virtual instructor-led course and self-paced eLearning registration.

Session Dates
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19 aug 2024

Virtual Classroom (CET / UTC+1)



Instructor Led Online

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09 sep 2024

Virtual Classroom (CET / UTC+1)



Instructor Led Online

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04 nov 2024

Virtual Classroom (CET / UTC+1)



Instructor Led Online

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09 dec 2024

Virtual Classroom (CET / UTC+1)



Instructor Led Online

€ 2.160,00