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Check Point Threat Prevention Specialist (CTPS) R81.20


LENGTH: 16 Hours (2 days)

PRICE: kr21 000,00


Security professionals who want to customize IPS and Anti-Bot/Anti-Virus Protections for specific security needs and identify ways to optimize Threat Prevention performance.



• CCSA (required)

• CCSE (recommended)


Base Knowledge:

• Internet Fundamentals

• Networking Fundamentals

• Networking Security

• System Administration


Module 1: History of Threat Prevention

Lab Tasks

• Verify the Security Environment

• Verify Connectivity Between Systems

Module 2: IPS Protections

Lab Tasks

• Enable and Configure Custom Threat Prevention

• Configure the Inspection Settings

• Update IPS Protections

• Configure General and Specific Protections

• Configure and Test Core Protections

Module 3: Anti-Virus and Anti-Bot Protections

Lab Tasks

• Enable Anti-Bot and Anti-Virus

• Configure Anti-Bot and Anti-Virus

Module 4: Threat Prevention Policy Profiles

Lab Tasks

• Create Custom Threat Prevention Profiles

• Configure the Custom Profiles

• Configure Anti-Bot and Anti-Virus in the Custom Profiles

Module 5: Threat Prevention Policy Layers

Lab Tasks

• Configure Gateway Interface Settings

• Configure Threat Prevention Policy Layers

• Configure Threat Prevention Rules with Custom Profiles

Module 6: Threat Prevention Logs and Traffic Analysis

Lab Tasks

• Modify Threat Prevention Logs and Configure SmartEvent Settings

• Test Threat Prevention Protections

• View Threat Prevention Logs and Events

• Use Web SmartConsole to View Logs and Events.

Module 7: Threat Prevention Exceptions and Exclusions

Lab Tasks

• Use IPS and Threat Prevention Exceptions

• Create an Inspection Settings Exception

• Create a Core Activations Exception

Module 8: Correlated Threat Prevention Views and Reports

Lab Tasks

• Verify SmartEvent Activation

• Generate and Verify Logs for Reporting

• Configure SmartEvent Views and Reports

Module 9: Threat Prevention Updates

Lab Tasks

• Verify Recent Updates

• Configure Update Settings

Module 10: Threat Prevention Performance Optimization

Lab Tasks

• Analyze Threat Prevention Performance

• Create Penalty Box Exceptions and Null Profiles

• Test the Panic Button Protocol

Module 11: Advanced Threat Prevention Features and Troubleshooting

Lab Tasks

• Add a Custom SNORT Rule

• Create and Test a Custom Threat Indicator

• Observe Traffic Drops in Real Time

• Audit Configuration Changes

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