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Veritas Alta Surveillance: Administration


Czas trwania: 24 Hours (3 days)

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The Veritas Alta Surveillance: Administration course is designed for Compliance and Supervision professionals whose role is to manage, maintain, and perform supervisory reviews to ensure regulatory compliance.This course discusses how to configure and use Veritas Alta Surveillance to meet your company’s supervisory requirements while maintaining regulatory standards. The course is designed to enable you to gain the necessary fundamental and advanced skills that are required to manage and leverage the features and functionality within Veritas Alta Surveillance to perform fast sampling, effective and efficient reviews of regulated communications.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Explain the basic architecture of Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Summarize the product integrations between Alta Surveillance and other Veritas Alta products.
• Navigate and work with the Veritas Alta Surveillance interface.
• Explain the basic concepts of Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Explain the concept of user roles in Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Work with application-specific and departmentspecific hotwords and hotword sets.
• Create application-specific and department-specific allowlist and trash rules.
• Create a new data request in Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Create application-specific and department-specific labels and label groups.
• Add, edit, and re-order application-specific and department-specific review comments.
• Create departments and add monitored employees to departments.
• Manage exception employees.
• Create application-specific and department-specific searches in Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Explain the roles of the reviewers in Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Explain intelligent review classification options.
• Edit and work with audit settings and the audit viewer.
• Generate the reports in Veritas Alta Surveillance.
• Configure a reporting endpoint authentication.

Program szkolenia

Introducing Veritas Alta Surveillance
• Importance of Data and its Compliance
• Veritas Alta Surveillance: Overview
• Veritas Alta Surveillance: Integrations



Working with the Veritas Alta Surveillance User Interface
• Navigating the Veritas Alta Surveillance Interface
• Working with the Veritas Alta Surveillance Dashboard

• Working with the Veritas Alta Surveillance User Interface


Understanding Veritas Alta Surveillance Concepts
• Veritas Alta Surveillance Applications
• Veritas Alta Surveillance Departments
• Application-specific Users, Roles, and Permissions
• Department-specific Users, Roles, and Permissions
• Employee Groups
• Hotwords and Hotword Sets
• Allowlist Rules and Trash Rules
• Data Requests (Application-specific)
• Label and Label Groups
• Review Comments


Administering Application-specific Roles, Hotword Sets, and Rules
• Veritas Alta Surveillance: Application Tab
• Managing Employee Groups
• Working with Application-specific Users, Roles, and Permissions
• Managing Application-specific Hotwords and Hotword Sets
• Working with Application-specific Allowlist Rules and Trash Rules


• Working with Application-specific Hotword Sets
• Working with Application-specific Allowlist Rules
• Working with Application-specific Trash Rules


Administering Application-specific Data Requests

• Creating Data RequestsSimulations
• Creating a New Data Request in Veritas Alta Surveillance


Administering Application-specific Labels and Review Comments

• Working with Labels and Label Groups
• Working with Review Comments

• Working with Application-specific Labels
• Working with Application-specific Review


Managing Department-specific Roles and Permissions
• Veritas Alta Surveillance: Departments Tab
• Working with Departments
• Departments-specific Roles
• Working with Exception Employees

• Creating Departments in Veritas Alta Surveillance
• Adding Monitored Employees to Departments
• Editing Monitored Policies
• Adding New Roles for Users and Employee Groups
• Assigning Departments to a User
• Assigning Exceptions to a User
• Designating Employees as Exception Employee
• Assigning Exception Reviewers to an Exception Employee


Managing Department-specific Hotword Sets and Rules
• Hotwords and Hotword Sets: Department-specific
• Working with Allowlist Rules
• Working with Trash Rules

• Creating Hotword Sets and Hotwords
• Creating Trash Rules


Managing Department-specific Labels and Review Comments
• Managing Department-specific Labels
• Managing Department-specific Label Groups
• Managing Department-specific Single Choice Label Groups
• Searching Department-specific Labels, Label Groups, and Single Choice Groups
• Working with Department-specific Review Comments

• Creating and Editing a Department-Specific Label
• Creating and Editing a Department-specific Label Group
• Working with Department-Specific Review Comments


Performing Search Operations
• Veritas Alta Surveillance Search: Overview
• Working with Department-specific Searches
• Working with Application-specific Searches
• Managing Search Schedules

• Creating Department-specific Search
• Creating Application-specific Search


Managing Reviews
• Veritas Alta Surveillance Reviews: Overview
• Understanding Reviewing Options
• Performing Review Operations
• Understanding Intelligent Review
• Working with Department-specific Review Comments

• Reviewing the Items Manually
• Viewing the Hotwords in Emails


Managing Audit Settings
• Audit Settings: Overview
• Using the Audit Viewer

• Configuring and Changing the Audit Settings
• Performing a Search for Audit Records


Generating Veritas Alta Surveillance Reports
• Veritas Alta Surveillance Reports
• Working with Enhanced Reporting
• Working with Export Operations

• Creating a Report in Veritas Alta Surveillance
• Configuring a Reporting Endpoint

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This course includes simulations that enable you to learn new
skills and transfer those skills into your working environment.