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Administration of IBM DataPower Gateway 10

Kod: ZE531G

Czas trwania: 16 Hours

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Opis szkolenia

In this course, you manage the DataPower Gateway by using various management interfaces, such as the CLI, SOAP, and the WebGUI. You configure DataPower Gateway service resources. You examine the services supported on the DataPower Gateway. You create new user accounts, user groups, and domains in the DataPower Gateway interface. You troubleshoot the DataPower Gateway. You secure connections by using cryptographic tools and SSL. Finally, you capture information from DataPower events with logging.

Cel szkolenia

  • Describe the DataPower deployment environments
  • Set up the DataPower Gateway
  • Manage the DataPower Gateway
  • Explain DataPower administration
  • Create and manage requests with DataPower Gateway
  • Understand DataPower services
  • Configure software access
  • Troubleshoot and debug services
  • Configure the DataPower Gateway security
  • Understand logging and log targets


This course is intended for administrators of the IBM DataPowerGateway product.

Program szkolenia

Exercise 1. Configure DataPower

Exercise 2. Managing DataPower software with the CLI and XML Management Interfaces

Exercise 3. Debugging errors with troubleshooting tools

Exercise 4. Securing connections with SSL

Exercise 5. Logging to an external system

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13 cze 2024


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