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Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Kod: MCS_AZ300

Czas trwania: 5 days

Cena netto: zł3 700,00

Opis szkolenia

This six-MOC packaged set aligned to Azure Exam: Azure Architect-Technologies contains the following:

•Course AZ-300T01: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure
•Course AZ-300T02: Implementing Workloads and Security

•Course AZ-300T03: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions
•Course AZ-300T04: Creating and Deploying Apps
•Course AZ-300T05: Implementing Authentication and Secure Data
•Course AZ-300T06: Developing for the Cloud

This packaged set provides students with the key knowledge to help prepare for Exam AZ-300.


Successful Cloud Solutions Architects begin this role with practical experience with operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, billing, and networking.

Program szkolenia

Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure
• Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
• Implementing and Managing Storage
• Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)
• Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
• Managing Identities

Implementing Workloads and Security
• Evaluating and Performing Server Migration to Azure
• Implementing and Managing Application Services
• Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking
• Securing Identities

Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions
• Selecting Compute and Storage Solutions
• Hybrid Networking
• Measuring Throughput and Structure of Data Access

Creating and Deploying Apps
• Creating Web Applications using PaaS
• Creating Apps and Services Running on Service Fabric
• Using Azure Kubernetes Service

Implementing Authentication and Secure Data
• Implementing Authentication
• Implementing Secure Data

Developing for the Cloud
• Developing Long-Running Tasks and Distributed Transactions
• Configuring a Message-Based Integration Architecture
• Developing for Asynchronous Processing
• Developing for Autoscaling
• Developing Azure Cognitive Services Solutions