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CNS-320 Citrix ADC Advance Concepts - Security, Management and Optimization

Kod: CTX_CNS-320

Czas trwania: 40 Hours (5 days)

Cena netto: zł11 900,00

Opis szkolenia

Learn how to configure your Citrix networking environment to address application services security requirements with Citrix Web App Firewall; automate and manage network services for scale-out of application architectures with Citrix Application Delivery Management; and optimize Citrix ADC-managed application delivery traffic. This fiveday course for experienced Citrix networking architects, engineers
and administrators will teach you to deploy and manage Web App Firewall to protect web applications against different types of attacks. It will also give you a practical understanding of Citrix Application Delivery Management capabilities for centralized management of multiple Citrix ADC platforms, orchestration of changes, transaction reporting, infrastructure visualization and planning.

Cel szkolenia

• Identify common web attacks and vulnerabilities

• Write PERL compatible regular expressions

• Understand how to operate the adaptive learning engine

• Configure Citrix Web App Firewall to protect web applications

• Utilize ADC 12.x Secure Insight to monitor, manage, and report on Application Services security



Students interested in learning the skills required to deploy and manage Citrix Web App Firewall to secure application access in their Citrix Networking environment, as well as Citrix Application Delivery Management to administer a Citrix Networking environment, or optimize Citrix ADC - managed application delivery traffic. Specifically for administrators, implementers, engineers, and architects.

Wymagania wstępne

Citrix recommends students prepare for this course by taking the following course/courses:

CNS-220 Citrix ADC 12.x Essentials and Traffic Management


CNS-222 Citrix ADC 12.x Essentials and Citrix Gateway.

Program szkolenia

Module 1: Citrix Web App Firewall Overview

• Web App Firewall solution Security Model

• Common Attacks Overview

• PCI-DSS Compliance

Module 2: Citrix Web App Firewall  Policies and Profiles

• Profiles

• Policies

• Engine Settings

• Citrix Web App Firewall Learning

Module 3: Regular Expressions

• Forms of Regular Expressions

• Using Regular Expressions • Meta/Literal Characters


• RegEx Tools

• Regular Expression Scope

Module 4: Attacks and Protections

• Data Flow with Citrix Web App Firewall

• Security Checks

• Web App Firewall Actions

• Adaptive Learning

• Signatures

• Cookie Protection

• Advanced Form Protection Checks

• URL Protections

Module 5: Web App Firewall Monitoring and Troubleshooting

• Citrix Web App Firewall and Web Applications

• Logging and Reporting

• Customizing Errors

• Troubleshooting

• ADC 12.x Security Insight

Module 6: Security and Filtering

• IP Reputation

• Rate Limiting

• AppQoE

• HTTP Callout

Module 7: Application Delivery Management Introduction

• An introduction to Application Delivery Management

• Application Delivery Management Deployment and Configuration

• Deploying Citrix Application Delivery Management  in High Availability

• Citrix Application Delivery Management Instance Management

Module 8: Managing and Monitoring Application Delivery Management

• Inventory Management

• User Management

• Analytics and Automation

• SSL Certificate Management

Module 9: Managing Citrix ADC Configuration

• Application Management

• StyleBooks

• Configuration Management

Module 10: Citrix ADC Web Logging

• Understanding Web Traffic

• Installing and configuring ADC 12.x Web Logging

• Troubleshooting ADC 12.x Web Logging

Module 11: ADC 12.x Integrated Caching

• Introduction to Integrated Caching

• Static and Dynamic Content

• Request and Response Process Flow

• Understanding Cache Policies

• Identifying Content Group Settings

Module 12: Citrix Web App Firewall Overview

• Improving Content Delivery

• Front-End Optimization Use Cases

• Understanding Minification

• CSS Optimizations

Module 13: Citrix Web App Firewall Policies and Profiles

• Connections on the Citrix ADC

• Connection Profiles

• Queuing on the Citrix ADC

• Connection Tuning Practices


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