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ONTAP SAN Implementation 9.8


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In this course, you learn the installation process for NetApp® ONTAP® 9 data management software for a SAN environment.

The course provides information about block-level protocols, including FC, FCoE, NVMe, and iSCSI, on Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and VMware ESXi host operating systems. The learning is reinforced through hands-on guided exercises.

The course materials include a workbook that serves as an on-the-job reference guide.

Cel szkolenia

• Define and describe SAN environments  that use iSCSI, FC, FCoE, and NVMe protocols
• Examine FC switch fabric, LUN masking, and zoning
• Create and configure storage VMs (storage virtual machines, also known as SVMs) to use FC and iSCSI protocols
• Configure Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and ONTAP systems for iSCSI connectivity
• Configure Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and ONTAP systems for FC connectivity
• Create and access a LUN from a Windows Server and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server


Professionals who implement SAN solutions that use NetApp storage systems

Wymagania wstępne

Certification as a NetApp Data Management Administrator plus working knowledge of ONTAP 9 software and storage area networking.


Additionally, completion of the ONTAP Cluster and SAN Fundamental elearning modules accessed FOC via the NetApp Learning Center.  Please contact us for further details as appropriate..


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Also attendance on the 3 day course as below..


OT-CLU-A - ONTAP Cluster Administration

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