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Learn to use Data Science Experience

Kod: I2000G

Czas trwania: 2,48 Hours

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This course is designed to introduce students to IBM Data Science Experience. The course covers how to create and set up a project and to be familiar with how to create, code, collaborate, and share notebooks while working with a variety of data sources to analyze data.

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Cel szkolenia

Define DSX Set up a project Work with collaborators Manage data assets Describe Jupyter notebooks Create notebooks Code and run notebooks Share and publish notebooks


Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Application Developer

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Introduction to IBM Data Science Experience    

  • Define DSX    
  • Set up a project    
  • Work with collaborators    
  • Manage data assets

Analyzing data with DSX    

  • Describe Jupyter notebooks    
  • Create notebooks    
  • Code and run notebooks    
  • Share and publish notebooks

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03 paź 2023


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zł 1 500,00

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