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Implementing Monitor in Maximo Application Suite


LENGTH: 8 Hours (1 day)

PRICE: kr8 095,00


In this course, you will be introduced to the concepts of Maximo Monitor, how to set up devices and dashboards, and how to work with prioritizing alerts and automated Anomaly detection. You will also learn about condition monitoring for intelligent asset management, extending and integrating Monitor with the third party IoT platforms, and Edge Data collector.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the key benefits and processing options in Monitor.
  • Describe the architecture and the process in Monitor.
  • Identify device types and set up device.
  • Work with prioritizing alerts in Monitor.
  • Work with Automated Anomaly detection.
  • Setting up and configuring dashboards in Monitor.
  • Explain Condition Monitoring for intelligent Asset Management in Monitor.
  • Discuss integration and extending Monitor functions with third party IoT platforms.
  • Describe Edge Data Collector in Monitor.


Implementation Consultants, Administrators, Technical Sales, System Users


Module 1: Introduction to Maximo Monitor

  • Need for Monitor
  • Monitor Overview
  • Key Benefits
  • The Path to Value
  • Maximo Monitor Functions

Module 2: Monitor Architecture and Process

  • Monitor Architecture
  • Maximo Monitor Process

Module 3: Devices and Dashboards

  • Devices and Device Types
  • Device Dashboard and Summary Dashboard
  • Dashboard Cards
  • Third Party Dashboard Card
  • E2E flow for Streaming Data Devices

Module 4: Alerts and Automated Anomaly Detection

  • Need for Anomaly Detection
  • Anomaly patterns
  • Anomaly detection life cycle
  • Unsupervised and supervised anomaly detectors
  • Types of Alerts
  • Alert Prioritization
  • Built-in Functions

Module 5: Device Setup, Dashboards and Alerts

  • Demonstration: Device Setup, Dashboards and Alerts

Module 6: Automated Anomaly Detections and Alerting

  • Demonstration: Automated Anomaly Detections and Alerting
  • Student Exercises:
  • Exercise 1 Create a Device type and add a Device in Monitor
  • Exercise 2 Set up Alerts
  • Exercise 3 Connect Maximo Monitor to Maximo Manage
  • Exercise 4 Set up data simulator in IoT platform
  • Exercise 5 Simulate alert condition and create a Service Request
  • Exercise 6 Set up Anomaly Detectors
  • Exercise 7 Set up Summary Dashboard and simulate anomalies

Module 7: Streaming Metrics and Hierarchy

  • Demonstration: Streaming Metrics and Hierarchy

Module 8: Condition Monitoring

  • Demonstration: Condition Monitoring
  • Student Exercises: Script with Action Launch Point
  • Exercise 8 Set up Manage for Condition Monitoring
  • Exercise 9 Manage integration with Monitor using MAS Data Dictionary
  • Exercise 10 Trigger Work Order generation from sensor data

Module 9: Edge Data Collector and Monitor Integrations Concepts

  • Introduction to Edge Data Collector
  • Introduction to Azure IoT Integration with Monitor

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