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Optimising Your Technology Investment with Award-Winning Training

Training is often the missing link between deploying a solution and truly realising the value of the investment.

The frequency at which organisations are introducing new technologies simply highlights the importance of this connection further. For many partners training is a neglected or else overlooked opportunity, and as such end users are driven to contact alternative sources for the education they seek.

As one of the Top 20 global IT training providers, Arrow makes selling and delivering training services straightforward. Our expert trainers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and passing on their real-world experience to your customers.

We have training services to match almost every solution you might be delivering, and should our portfolio not offer what you are looking for, we pull on our wider network of partners to make what you need happen.


New this year

Arrow Education has been added as a program to ArrowSphere, the Arrow Cloud Transactional Platfom.


All of our training programmes are carefully developed and constantly updated to support your business transformation. Through a variety of delivery methods, we provide formal and informal learning opportunities, plus the chance to share experience and know-how.

Arrow Education recently developed the Arrow challenges. These are 30-60 minutes innovative hands-on labs that provide you enabled assessments to measure your skills, practical experience for your exam preparation as well as keep your skills up to date. These Arrow Challenges are technology focused on Azure, AWS, Cybersecurity and Linux. Each Arrow Challenge presents you a problem scenario, that need to be solved by the user.

Those Labs and Testing Environments are part of Learning Bundles created to help you continue your learning journey and put yourselves in concrete situations.

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Our Training Offerings:

Instructor Led Training

Our comprehensive courses are available all across the country on-site at our UK Education Centres, with over 100 different programmes to choose from.

Instructor Led Online

In a fast-paced world, it’s often difficult to find the time to attend in-person courses. Our interactive online training option enables delegates to fully experience an on-site training course while still remaining remote.

Self-Paced Virtual Classes

Fit training into the personal and corporate schedule whenever it suits by learning only when it’s convenient. This online programme is highly flexible, and allows students to progress at their own pace.

Bespoke Training

Our capabilities can extend beyond our Education Centres to deliver bespoke training at practically any location. Or, following a Training Needs Analysis we will determine your exact training requirements and customise our services accordingly.
To learn more about Arrow Education Services, speak to your Arrow Account Manager or contact the Education team directly.

To learn more about Arrow Education Services, speak to your Arrow Account Manager or contact the Education team directly.

Supporting your transformation

By relying on Arrow ECS Education, you can rest assured that you will receive the level of service you desire: high value added training with a focus on advanced technological skills.

In this fast IT changing environment, Arrow Education innovates constantly to support your transformation. We developed Labs & Testing environments to help you better understand daily concrete situations and to increase your expertise. We added courses and workshop by topics: Cybersecurity, Devops, Kubernetes, I.A., bigdata…, to go further in your training journey you could also also explore our digital courses from Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, Alibaba, AWS…through our cloud platform ArrowSphere.

Because errors are costly in a world with such tight workflows, because comprehensive knowledge of your technologies is your greatest strength and because certification is always a plus, Arrow ECS Education supports you day after day in your pursuit of excellence.

A unique positioning

Arrow ECS Education is part of a large multinational corporation, a distributor of value-added technological solutions. These two characteristics, embedded in our genes, are fundamental.

  • On one hand, as a distributor we are intimately familiar with the technology behind the products we market. Technology is constantly evolving, so our trainer-consultants and our offering managers must do the same so that you are able to benefit from the best, most up-to-date expertise available.
  • On the other hand, our large corporate culture inspires us to constantly pursue greater efficiency and performance and shows us, each day, that it is essential to give priority to real world experience. For us, practical skills are number one— that's why our sessions focus on the immediate effectiveness and operational capabilities of the participants.

At Arrow ECS Education, our objectives are your objectives. We understand you and we understand your needs because we come from the same background.


Arrow Education EMEA at a Glance 2022


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Training Awards

Our strong experience and our unique positioning on the technologies is appreciated by our customers, and the quality of Arrow Education is recognized and awarded by the IT providers and the market:

  • One of “Top20 IT training Companies” in the world (for 3 years)
  • IBM training authorized in the world (GTP program - for 7 years)
  • Veeam Certified Trainer of the year
  • Citrix CALC of the year in Germany and Finland
  • Unique Pan-EMEA training center on Nutanix
  • Checkpoint Platinum Elite Europe